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For effective policing, the forces must get back to basics
With reference to the editorial With you, for you, always? (January 7), the government's has finally woken up to the fact that we need more women in the police force and more patrol vans across India. But, as the editorial rightly argues, we also want the State to remind police personnel to become more responsible. Effective policing requires a focused, sensitive and collaborative approach. The recent gang rape incident shows that the Delhi Police need to get back to basics.
Vijay Kumar, via email

A lot's been done but gaps remain
Reading Lalith Weeratunga's article Don't let them down (January 7), one would imagine that Sri Lanka has completely recovered from the Eelam war and its people live in harmony now. While it's true that Colombo has done an exceptional job of rehabilitating internally displaced people and bringing about peace among Sri Lankan Tamils and other communities, the truth is that there are still many problems that the Lankan government must address. For example, local elections are yet to take place in the heavily guarded northern provinces where Tamils make up the majority of the population.
KR Ramanan, via email

Let them argue their own case
In his article A dirty job, but somebody's got to do it (January 7), Markandey Katju rightly states that no matter how heinous the crime, every convict has the right to be defended in a court of law. Therefore, the Bar Association of Saket's decision to ask its lawyers to refrain from defending the Delhi gang rape accused is unconstitutional. But I believe that the best way to take the case forward would be to ask the rapists to defend themselves, as their weak defence would help the court deliver justice quickly.
Arshiya Jamil, Patna

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