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It's high time middle-class Indians looked within for solutions
This refers to Samar Halarnkar's article In private republics (Maha Bharat, January 18). The writer is right in stating that middle-class India only protests within the comfort of the mob. It is a paradox of contemporary times that we protest against ills prevalent in society - be it corruption, crime against women, child labour, dowry etc, - but at the same we subtly practise them as individuals. Instead of making ourselves responsible for these social evils, we prefer to fix the responsibility of corrective action on someone else. It's time we looked within for solutions.
Nimit Suri, Amritsar

Missing the big picture
With reference to the report Rahul: More number 1 than 2 (January 20), Rahul Gandhi's appointment as the Congress vice-president on Saturday is unlikely to change the party's fortunes. The fact that the post of vice-president normally does not exist in the Congress and has been created for Rahul clearly shows that his elevation is an exercise in futility. The Congress should have dwelt upon the role that Rahul Gandhi will assume for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The party, it seems, is missing the big picture.
Ganapathi Bhat, Mumbai

Deregulation can only fuel anger
With reference to the editorial Let's go the last mile now (Our Take, January 19), the government's decision to deregulate diesel prices will adversely affect the aam aadmi who is already reeling from the impact of high inflation. This move will give a free hand to oil marketing companies to increase diesel rates that will burn a hole in the pockets of the middle class and further fuel their anger against the political class.
SG Vombatkere, via email

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