It's going to be a Supermoon Sunday!

  • Vanita Srivastava, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Jun 22, 2013 18:39 IST

This Sunday don't forget to look up at the sky to see a Supermoon.

On June 23 at 5:02 pm, the  moon will  reach its monthly fullest phase but this time, it's a special  celestial  phenomenon. Our satellite will reach its closest point to the Earth 22 minutes earlier and will be visible after the Sun sets that evening.

The term 'Supermoon', coined by astrologer Richard Nolle, essentially means a bigger and brighter full moon. Astronomically known as a perigee moon, the event occurs when a full moon lines up with the Earth and the Sun at a specific point in its orbit, called the lunar perigee.

"The Supermoon will appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a normal moon. There will be another Supermoon next month, but by then, it will be further away. You won't get another chance to see one like this until August 2014," said N Raghunandan, director, Planetary Society of India.

NASA said there is scant evidence to suggest that it could cause natural calamities.


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