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Formula for happy marriage: A big wedding, few partners before 'I Do'

A big wedding celebration preceded by few romantic relationships for both the bride and the groom could be a positive sign that they will be happy together years down the road, according to a new research.

Exchanging sexual photos part of 'everyday life' for every second teen

A new poll has revealed that almost 50% of teenagers regard sending sexual photos or videos as part of 'everyday life', while most youngsters find it 'too easy' to accidentally see pornography online.

Give a lil' try: 5 tips to restore faith in love post break-up

The end of any relationship leaves behind scars and the ability to trust again becomes a challenge when you start a new relationship. Take it slow, be honest and all will be fine.

Bored of sex, ladies? Throw in some emotions, start making 'love'

The new mantra for women who feel their sex life is boring and bereft of passion: connect love with sex and enhance the pleasure between the sheets. According to an interesting study, love and commitment can make sex physically more satisfying for many women.

Between the sheets: Lesbians reach orgasm more than straight women

Women in lesbian relationships and men are more likely to reach orgasm during sex than straight women, shows a fascinating study.

Calling all the single ladies: 5 reasons why being single rules!

It has been quoted by men, time and again, why being a bachelor is just the best. And today we are here to address the acute melancholia of the miserable single ladies and give them five reasons as to why being the mistress of your own universe totally rules.

Relationship 'donts': 5 topics you must never discuss with your boyfriend

No matter how long you two have been together, when with your man you should never make references to your ex-boyfriend or tell him to open up to you, says an expert. Here is a list of what should be avoided while talking to the man of your life.

Straights >lesbians >gays: Study reveals notions on the hierarchy of love

People seem to think of loving relationships in a hierarchy, with heterosexual couples being the most “in love” followed by lesbian couples and then gay couples, finds an interesting study.

Men, have you fixed your work-life  balance? You may have an edge

Flexible work arrangements are often sought to maintain work-life balance. Studies suggest that among those who made flexible work requests, men who asked to work from home two days a week in order to care for a child were significantly advantaged compared to women who made the same request.

Celebs or colleagues, what is your favourite topic of gossip?

According to Scottish researchers, people love gossiping about a person who is familiar to them and if it is a particularly "juicy" piece of information. People sometimes use gossip quite selfishly to enhance their own social status.

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