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Equality, after all? Men, woman face equal verbal abuse at workplace

A new study has examined that there is no major difference in the frequency of verbal abuse in the workplace between men and women.

7 things you wish someone told you before you hit 30

We told you how the 30s was an amazing decade. However, here are some things we wish someone had told you before you reached the big 30.

Hit download, save drunk text embarrassment

Going all out with the heady spirits on the weekends and the subsequent drunken texts taking a toll on you? Let your smartphone come to your rescue! Even if you drink responsibly, it's better to take precautions to save yourself from an embarrassing morning-after post your drunken night out!

This is no kids' play: Babies only retain the good memories

When it comes to remembering selective things, nothing can beat what babies can do. Scientists have discovered that babies can only memorise the good times. They've concluded that babies are more likely to remember something if there is a positive emotion, or affect that accompanies it.

It's not your fault. Cheating could be in your genes

Women with variations in a particular gene are more likely to cheat on their partners: Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia found that infidelity may be handed down by parents and grandparents.

Love, virtually: More middle-aged parents flocking to Tinder

Dating app Tinder is being used more and more by middle-aged mums and dads and the number of 35 to 44-year-olds on it has doubled since April. The app has seen a rise of 12% middle-aged users, while three per cent of its 50 million users are now aged between 45 and 54.

Did you hear it? Women with sexy voices are more beautiful

Women with sexy voices are more likely to have attractive facial qualities such as higher cheekbones, softer jaw lines and fuller lips. In other words, they are more attractive to men. According to scientists, their faces are usually symmetrical, supposedly a tell-tale sign of good genes.

Yes boss! Accepting equation with superior is key to excelling in job

Workers are more motivated if they and their supervisors see eye-to-eye about a bad relationship than if they have different views about their relationship, the findings showed.

Here's why you couldn't say no to that guy who is totally wrong for you

New research says that some people are so concerned about hurting the feelings of their potential romantic dates that they end up accepting unsuitable dating partners - flouting their own set of dating criteria.

The blame game: Husbands, not children ruin women's careers

A new study has revealed that high-achieving women are not meeting their career goals they set for themselves in their 20s because of their husbands, and not their children.

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