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Relationships are the most challenging things: Kate Hudson

The My Best Friend's Girl star said that a relationship is where one does most work in their life and come face-to-face with themselves, can deal with realizing that everyone is flawed and accept it and work with it, People Magazine reported.

Love (affair) is in the air: 10 office romance dos and don'ts

It's no secret that an office is a great place to meet new people and even find love. That said, without recommending that you indulge in an office romance, for the sake of your job, follow these simple set of rules on how to date at work.

Pain may curb sex drive in women: study

Do not blame her for no action tonight as women in pain often say no to sex as pain from inflammation or some other reason greatly reduces sexual motivation in female than male, research reveals.

Too much admiration for partner bad for romance

To admire your partner is one thing but to regard him/her as superman or superwoman is quite another as a new study has found that putting your partner on a pedestal may harm your relationship.

Love hormone can lead to dishonesty?

Oxytocin, known as the love hormone, plays a key role in the development of trust and loving bonds. But a recent study suggests that those exposed to the hormone may also become more prone to lying, particularly in a setting where it may benefit those around them.

Do you need an app to keep track of your sex life?

Ever wondered how your sex life compares to everyone else's? A new app that helps you keep track of how much action you're getting and gives you the option of sharing the details with the rest of the world could be just the thing for you.

A Calmer You: Mujhe meri girlfriend se bachao!!

It’s completely impossible to find someone who won’t ever hurt you, so go for someone who will make the pain worthwhile -Anonymous

Low blood sugar bad for marital bliss: study

Low blood sugar isn't good for marital bliss because it makes spouses more prone to anger and aggression, says a new study.

Family priority for youth, romance comes second: Study

Be a rebel - the line from the Rang De Basanti song does not seem to resonate with today's youth in the country. They are now all for caring for their family, according to a new study conducted by youth channel MTV India.

One in four British women bisexual: Survey

A new survey has found that nearly 25 per cent British women are bisexual.


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