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Now, big fat Indian weddings get the Made in China tag!

Tying the knot at Kunming or taking the path to marital bliss at Dali could soon become a fad as the big fat Indian weddings get the Made in China tag. With its clean and modern cities, affordable logistics and exotic cuisine, China is luring Indians for celebrations with a difference.

Reality bites: 3 reasons why the 30 plus woman is still single

Thirty has come and gone, and she's still single! Why is it that in urban society women who are exceptionally qualified, articulate, and financially secure can't find a perfect match for themselves. Read on to know more! 

Can't shake off the blues? Don't blame yourself, sadness lasts longer

A new study has revealed that because sadness often goes hand in hand with events of greater impact such as death or accidents, it lasts 240 times longer than any other emotion.

Shed those chocolate boy looks! Grow a stubble, girls absolutely dig it

A new study has revealed that stubble actually makes a man look 10 years older than what he actually is. David Beckham currently trimmed his beard and the panel aged him at 35- four years younger than his real age- when he was clean shaved.

Feeling low? Listen to sad music to evoke positive emotions

People like listening to sad music because it actually evokes positive emotions such as peacefulness and tenderness, according to a new study. Many respondents said that when they were in a bad mood, experiencing sadness through music made them feel better afterwards and provided an emotional boost.

Into the great wide open: 5 fun things to do with your children outdoors

There's no doubt that our lifestyles have changed drastically in the last couple of decades, and the impact of that shift is being faced by our children. When was the last time your child climbed a tree? Here are a few fun weekend ideas for you and your kids.

What to do and what not to! Expert tips on how to rock your first date night

If you have only talked over the phone, looked at a profile picture or texted each other- he really doesn't know exactly how you look until you turn up on your first date. So the first important thing is to dress right for the first meeting. Read to know more!

New age parenting: Can phones, emails lead to better relationships?

A new study has claimed that children's relationship satisfaction with their parents is modestly influenced when they connect with their parents through several communication tools, such as cell phones, email, social networking sites.

Anxious about wearing a snoring mask? Relax, it won't kill your sex life

A common therapy to tackle obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) does not become a hindrance between the sheets, says a study, allaying fears of OSA patients who believe the therapy interferes with sex.

Chugging a pint of beer every day can double fertility in men

Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston found that men who consumed at least 22g of alcohol daily, had double the chances to become fathers through IVF than those who didn't.

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