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Indian men want women to propose, finds survey

Traditionally, it's the guys who pop the question to take a relationship forward but an increasing number of Indian men now prefer if women make the first move, according to a survey.

Couples show their future 'co-parenting' behaviour during pregnancy

"The extent to which couples support or undermine each other's interactions with the doll, representing the baby they were about to have, predicts their co-parenting behaviour a year later," said a co-author of the Ohio State University study.

Key to marital bliss? Big fat wedding!

The more people who attend your wedding to share the beginning of your new life, the better the chances you will be happily married years down the road, according to a new study.

Now, nail polish to help women 'detect date drug'

The only better source of girl power than an attack Chihuahua to ward off fishy acquaintances would be none other than drug-detecting nail polish. A subtle stir with a finger can detect whether the drink brought over by a stranger at a party is safe.

Break-up updates on Facebook ruining relationships among teens

Has your ex-partner conveyed all personal details of your break-up to common friends on Facebook, leaving you embarrassed? Well, you are not alone.

Confessions of a 'sexual predator': I sleep with men, save marriages

Janet Saunders claims to have bedded 13 different men in weekly romps that began after her own husband walked out and even admitted that she catered to an 'adventurous' kind of love-making. She has revealed she sleeps only with married men and 'saves their relationships'.

See your partner as a complete human being, not just a sexual being

According to new research, men who frequently objectify their partner's bodies by excessively focusing on their appearance are more likely to feel shame about the shape and size of their partner's body.

Now, mistress greeting cards for celebrating adultery

Bizarre as it may sound to some, Illicit Encounters, the UK's largest website for married people seeking affairs, has launched new range of cards to celebrate their 'affair-versary'.

Men find women in red more attractive: Study

According to a study in China, the colour, which is associated with romance, passion, lust and fertility, boosts a woman's sex appeal and makes her appear 'warmer' and more competent, the Daily Express reported.

This thing called love: Sex after childbirth can be better than before

After giving birth, a woman thinks of many things: baby names, how soon she can go home and so on. The last thing on her mind is sex. But with vaginal rejuvenation treatments, new mothers are able to turn back the clock while enhancing sensation and closeness with their significant other.

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