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Bill Gates shares Modi vision of affordable toilets

Having stepped down as chariman of Microsoft, world's richest man Bill Gates now spends his time trying to save people from preventable death. In an exclusive interview to HT, Gates speaks about the things that excite him and the optimism that keeps him going.

Kick the butt, smoking linked with schizophrenia

Researchers at Yale University's school of medicine found that the level of nicotine receptors in the brain was lower in schizophrenia patients than in a matched healthy group.

More booze: Now, cure hangover with alcohol

According to Adam Rogers, author and journalist, another drink is the way to get rid of those forgetful morning episodes of a dry mouth, headaches, nausea and lethargy.

Hold that smile! Even fluoride toothpaste can't kill bacteria

According to new research, bacteria has an in-built mechanism to resist fluoride toxicity. Although most animal cells are protected from direct exposure to fluoride, this toxic element is a serious threat to single-celled organisms like bacteria and yeast.

Dying to get those chiseled six packs? Now, get it on your plate

A chiseled core is what most gym-goers yearn for. Spending extra hours at the gym will not get you the desired result unless you are eating right. To make the most of the abdominal works, here are the five ground rules you should follow.

Set the right workout pace to yield maximum results

Fitness experts say pacing can spell the difference between success and stagnation. Setting the proper workout pace, or the distribution of energy during exercise, deflects boredom and fatigue, syncs body and mind and enables the everyday exerciser to keep going.

Young and restless? Ensure proper calcium intake

Girls who are fresh at college must add proper calcium intake to their daily regimen. Women optimise bone mass when they are about 18 years old so, it's an important time for them to be consuming calcium.

Have a glass of milk daily to reduce heart risks

New research has found that there is a link between increasing the number of glasses of milk a day and a lower incidence of hyper-tension and subsequently the heart attack risk. Read on to know more.

Daily habits that make food cravings worse

Are your servings big? Or you're pairing the food you crave with something unhealthy? There are some mistakes that can make cravings more intense and frequent. Here's a list of mistakes that make cravings even worse,

Secret to long, healthy life may lie in your waist!

The key to a long life is having a waist no bigger than half your height, a new study has claimed. Researchers said the rule applied regardless of a person's age, ethnicity or gender.


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