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Young dads also suffer from baby blues: study

As it turns out, mothers aren't the only ones subject to postpartum depression. A study published in the journal Pediatrics revealed that young men who became fathers around age 25 typically experienced a sharp increase in depressive symptoms following the arrival of a child.

Beating the heat with salads and drinks

Several Mumbai restaurants are finding ways to beat the heat by introducing new salads, dishes and drinks for the season.

Laziness could be hereditary: study

Could genes be to blame for a lack of motivation to hit the gym? A recent study conducted at the University of Missouri suggests this could be the case, where, researchers came to the conclusion that there is such a thing as a genetic predisposition to laziness.

Busting diet myths: stop obsessing about calories

When it comes to nutrition, there is so much conflicting information that it leaves health-conscious people confused at the end of the day. Nutrition is still a young science. There is more to it than just counting calories and obsessing about fat.

5 simple swaps: good versus bad carbs

Carbohydrates can be good or bad depending on their source. We show you five easy swaps to improve the quality of your intake.

Six bad skin habits to unlearn now

Some of the skin care techniques that people think are helping their skin are actually doing more harm than good, says skin care expert Renée Rouleau and adds that over time these habits may harm the skin.

Green tea boosts working memory, says study

A beverage with multiple benefits, green tea has inspired a number of research projects in recent years. The latest says this drink can improve working memory and cognitive performance.

Return of the king: mango panna to kulfi

With the mango back in season, we make the most of it — from an ice cream with a 120-year-old recipe to a milkshake that causes traffic jams, we bring you all. For the next few months, you won’t be able to escape the sight, fragrance or mention of the pulpy fruit. So make the most of it!

The bliss of solitude: why me time works!

There’s nothing odd about going to the movies alone, or hitting the bar sans any company. Pampering oneself with some me-time has become the new cool thing to do. Solitude, not loneliness, has today come to mean something close to meditation — a step inwards.

Too much time on Facebook leads to poor body image among women

Young women are more likely to compare their own body with that of their friends, if they spend more time on social media, Facebook in particular. A study found that women felt negatively about their bodies after looking at someone else's photos or posts.


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