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Planting an idea: Green reminder to keep you focused at work

We all know how hard it can be to keep our work/life balance in check, but one design group has come up with a decor option for your work desk to help keep stress at bay.

What the fizz: Soft drinks during meals could be harmful

It is usually felt that meals that include a calorific drink are expected to be more satiating than those served with water. But did you ever count calories from the soft drink you usually order along with the dinner? Now is the time to factor those in.

Middle aged, high on alcohol? Demetia might be on cards

A new study has revealed that middle-aged adults with a history of drinking problem are more than twice as likely to suffer from severe memory impairment later in life. Maybe it is time to cut down on the booze a little?

Run, run, run: Daily running can lower death risk

A new US study has suggested that running everyday, even for a few minutes, can significantly reduce a person's risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases.

People who work longer smoke more: Research

Do you work for long hours? Check your smoking habits. New research has revealed that people who work longer smoke more. They find it harder to quit smoking and those who have given up are more at risk of starting again, according to the researchers.

Fist bumps more hygienic than handshakes: Scientists

Fist bumps, famously employed by US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, are thought to be more hygienic due to their shorter duration and smaller contact area. They drastically reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases, says a study.

Stomach, the most hated body part: Research

Stomachs have been voted the most hated part of the body, followed by the dreaded muffin top (fat on the waist), bingo wings (flabby upper arms), thighs and noses, according to new research by non-surgical treatment clinic.

Toddler's eye contact may signal autism risk

The act of making eye contact with another person to share an experience without a smile can predict later autism symptoms in babies. Also, studies suggest that some babies are at risk for autism because they have an older sibling that has the disorder.

5 top exercises a gym-goer must never ignore

Forget all that you’ve read in fitness magazines, or your neighbourhood trainer's hyperbole. Some exercises take pride of place in any fitness enthusiast's pecking order, and you cannot ignore them if you want to stay fit. If you are not dreaming of those elusive six-packs, we give you 5 exercises every gym-goer must include in his routine.

Drink tea for thinner body, beautiful skin

Drinking tea can be beneficial mentally, emotionally, socially and physically. Scientific research testifies to the health benefits of all kinds of tea, which not only help with beauty factors but also weight loss and hydration of skin.

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