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Healthy bites to help you fight acne

Since not all of us are blessed with a naturally flawless skin, here’s how to make a difference by indulging in these healthy bites that prevent acne.

How to deal with unpleasant memories

When these negative memories creep up, thinking about the context of the memories, rather than how you felt, is a relatively easy and an effective way to alleviate the negative effects of these memories, a new study has revealed.

Experts speak: tips to fight summer

The hot weather causes more than general discomfort — it causes a host of health troubles, from upset stomachs and excessive body heat to skin-darkening and dry hair. Arm yourself with these tips from the experts.

Potential for human superbugs in cow manure: study

A US study has found that cow manure contains a high number of genes that can fuel resistance to antibiotics. These genes come from the cows' gut bacteria and researchers say the potential is real.

Insomnia, a symptom of other diseases?

Sleep deprivation causes a lot of problems. It is normal for a person to wake up once or twice in the middle of the night. However, according to health experts, a disturbed sleep pattern – lasting more than a couple of weeks – is not to be taken lightly as it could be an indicator of a health condition, at times serious ailment.

Exercise vigorously to keep flu away

Whether it’s running, mountain biking or competitive sports, the benefits of exercise go far beyond promoting heart health.

Fever: second most common disease for medical insurance claim

Fever has become the second most common disease, after child-birth related admissions, for which people claimed medical insurance in India. The number of Indians getting admitted to hospitals with complains of fever increased by 89% in a year.

5 simple tips to make your face oil-proof

Besides cooling and detoxifying the body, sweat cleanses pores of dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil. But too much sweating can never be good? Here are five ways to keep the shine in check.

After polio, eradicating measles with help of new drug may come next

Measles tops the list of diseases that can be stamped out from the world forever. But since measles is highly infectious, 95% of all children in all populations need to be given two doses of the vaccine.

Is your sleep sound?

Take this quiz to find out if you are suffering from sleep deprivation and should see a doctor.


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