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Coping mechanism: Why's and how's of busting anxiety

If you have constant worries running through your head and you feel there is nothing you can do to stop them, you're in trouble. Severe anxiety can lead to aches, tiredness, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or/and migraines.

Mild exercise with chemotherapy can help cancer patients

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that exercise may benefit cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Studies had earlier shown that an exercise regime prior to receiving chemotherapy could protect heart cells from the toxic effects of doxorubicin.

Pupil size can expose your decision making skills

According to a new study, the precision with which people make decisions can be predicted by measuring pupil size before they are presented with any information about the decision.

Selfie maniac? You might be a victim of low-self esteem

People who take selfies regularly are more prone to having low self-esteem, a new UK study suggests. When the regular selfie-takers were asked how they felt about their appearance, only 13 % said they felt confident and 60 % admitted to having low self-esteem.

Stressed? Be careful, you might turn into a grumpy menace

Why is it that when people are too stressed they are often grouchy, grumpy, nasty, distracted or forgetful? Researchers have now discovered the mechanism that explains the relationship between chronic stress and the loss of social skills and cognitive impairment.

Good news! Now, fight bipolar disorder with yoga

Some patients with bipolar disorder may get emotional, cognitive and physical benefits from yoga practice, a new study has found. Most participants believed that yoga had benefits for their mental health.

Avoid artificial sweeteners, it may boost diabetes risk

Non-calorific artificial sweeteners, or NAS, the additives are found in diet sodas, cereals and desserts- a huge market for people worried about weight gain and sugar intake.

Walk your way to fitness with these 6 amazing tips!

If walking burns calories then, why don't all morning walkers lose fat? Some remain the same even after years of walking. Does walking really helping you lose weight? Find all your answers here.

Bill Gates shares Modi vision of affordable toilets

Having stepped down as chariman of Microsoft, world's richest man Bill Gates now spends his time trying to save people from preventable death. In an exclusive interview to HT, Gates speaks about the things that excite him and the optimism that keeps him going.

Kick the butt, smoking linked with schizophrenia

Researchers at Yale University's school of medicine found that the level of nicotine receptors in the brain was lower in schizophrenia patients than in a matched healthy group.

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