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Bed rest hurts, not heals. Here's how

New recovery-room and pain-management practices insist on early mobility to improve circulation and speed healing for almost all diseases and conditions, except acute liver diseases and wasting infections such as tuberculosis.

Go out in the sun to reduce weight gain

Exposure to moderate amounts of sunshine may slow the development of obesity and diabetes. Studies suggest that exposure to UV light also helps in reducing signs linked to diabetes, such as abnormal glucose levels and resistance to insulin.

The big bite: Your lifestyle's killing your gums

Modern people have far more gum disease than our predecessors, according to a British study of skulls published Friday. The surprise findings provide further evidence that modern habits such as smoking are damaging to oral health.

How to avoid ageing? Stop guzzling down those soft drinks

Daily consumption of half-a-litre of sugared soda is linked with 4.6 years of additional biological aging, effects comparable to that of smoking, finds a new study. It is also associated with heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Love fried food? Here's why you should stick to olive oil

Olive oil withstands the heat of the fryer or pan better than several other seed oils to yield healthier food. Also, it is the most stable oil for deep-frying at 320 and 374 degrees Fahrenheit, while sunflower oil degrade the fastest when pan-fried at 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medical breakthrough: Australian doctors transplant 'dead' hearts

Australian surgeons on Friday said they have used hearts which had stopped beating in successful transplants, in what they said was a world first that could change the way organs are donated.

Go check: Do you have the binge drinking gene?

People who make the transition from moderate drinkers to problem drinkers may have their genes to blame. Researchers have found that a tiny segment of genetic material known as a microRNA plays a central role in this and other alcohol use disorders.

Want to stay sharp? Develop a rich vocabulary

Possessing a good vocabulary could shield you from incipient dementia when age catches up with you, a study has found. A wide vocabulary can help improve the brain's cognitive reserve -- the name given to the brain's capacity to compensate for the loss of its functions.

Leave the patakas behind, don't burn your health this Diwali!

Who doesn't like to see firecrackers lighting up the sky, but beneath the colours and sound of those crackers, we fail to realise what harm we are causing to ourselves and to our children. Here are a few chronic risks the packets of joy come with.

Can't stop indulging? Blame your brain for choosing high-calorie food

Choosing what you eat is not simply a matter of taste. As you glance over a menu, your brain is making decisions based more on a food's calorific content, a study showed.  Decisions about food and calorific density are linked to a part of the brain called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex.


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