Ali Fazal's ideal weekend: Movies and endless coffee

  • As told to Meenakshi Iyer, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Sep 18, 2015 13:54 IST
Actor Ali Fazal can guzzle countless cups of coffee. (HT File Photo)

Ali Fazal can guzzle countless cups of coffee; also, dreads having unannounced visitors over.

Dine out, order in, or cook a meal on weekends?
Dine out.

Can: cook a five-course meal/a sandwich/boil water/don’t know how the gas works?
Technically, I can cook a five-course meal.

Where do you love getting breakfast and your go-to order?
I love making my own breakfast at home. Okay, the five star hotels aren’t too bad.

Strictly salads and grilled chicken, or cheese/chocolate cheat for the weekend?
I cheat a lot and can’t resist chocolates. So the salads and chicken happen only when I am preparing for a role.

Where do you party?
Local bars, with Bandra’s street gangs.

Party till dawn or wake up for yoga at dawn?
Wake up for yoga.

Some complicated Iced Frappe person or straight-up espresso person?
Straight-up espresso person.

Street food that makes your day.
Pani puri and puri bhaji.

Art house cinema or Hollywood blockbusters?
I alternate. You need a balance of both to keep you sane.

What can totally make your weekend?
Making love, and watching movies with an endless supply of caffeine.

What one thing can break it?
Unannounced visitors or friends who land up and expect you to be energised and show them a good time.

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