Harry Potter fans open online Hogwarts school

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  • Updated: Apr 17, 2014 16:27 IST
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Hogwarts is here, an online educational website modeled after J.K. Rowling's school for young magic-users, is open for currency-free business.

Following in the footsteps of the fictional Harry, Hermione and Ron just got a whole lot easier with a selection of nine-week online courses provided by a coven of industrious fans.

Launched on April 15, the site is from the volunteers behind previous endeavor myhogwarts.co.uk.

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Tests, homework, essay questions and electronic textbooks are provided as part of the free package, with A Standard Book of Spells and A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration listed among the tomes contained within, with the promise that work will be graded by Hogwarts professors fully trained on this new muggle technology.

Students can choose which of the four Hogwarts houses they want to represent -- Gryffindor's popularity is currently oustripping Hufflepuff by a factor of three, while Ravenclaw's girls and boys have proven themselves at earning House Points.

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Extracurricular activities are also available for enrolled students, with regular newspaper The Daily Owl, a Fandom Explorer tool, and a Hogwarts Clubs network intended to ease transition into school life and full-on Harry Potter hysteria.


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