• Thai food
    Oct 18, 2013 14:02 ISTRestaurant review

    A royal disaster

    If we were to sum up our experience in a few words, we would say: simply avoid this place. Those who know the importance of not shooing customers away will understand what we felt at at the end of this review.

  • Pak spice
    Nov 26, 2013 17:53 IST

    Here's your spice rack this winters

    This alphabetical series gives you healthy tidbits on one spice every week. It is called saunth is Hindi. Originally cultivated in China, it was extensively used by the ancient Romans but got...

  • gingerbread baker
    Nov 24, 2013 16:54 IST

    Recipes for kid chefs!

    Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna’s connection with kids stems vastly from the fact that he hosted a cooking show that featured them as contestants, earlier this year. Now, he’s come out with an entire book of recipes dedicated to them.

  • Vikas Khanna
    Nov 22, 2013 18:08 IST

    Chef Vikas Khanna reveals recipes that are child's play

    Michelin-starred Chef Vikas Khanna on why his grandmom is his cooking idol and on creating recipes that even a child can replicate.

  • Amrita Rao
    Nov 15, 2013 13:30 IST

    Asian food invasion

    While so far restaurants were dabbling with popular American and European varieties such as barbeque, béchamel, thousand island and others, the focus is now shifting to lesser-known Asian sauces.

  • Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham
    Nov 14, 2013 18:40 IST

    Gordon Ramsay changed my life: Ravinder Bhogal

    "It all started with a competition about four years ago on a Gordon Ramsay’s show where he was looking for a new face for a cookery television show. I entered and I won," she recalls.

  • Green vegetables
    Nov 12, 2013 13:44 IST

    Go beyond spinach and methi this season

    Nutritionists, doctors and the friendly neighbourhood aunt will always tell you to eat more leafy vegetables. But after having methi paratha and spinach for a week, you are bound to get tired of the greens. Try these regional greens.

  • Thai food
    Nov 08, 2013 19:22 IST

    Wow your guests with mini appetizers

    The world’s shrinking at a frenzied pace. Chefs too are showing their love for all things miniature. Tiny morsels, intricately put together and small enough to be consumed in one or two bites, have become fashionable now.

  • Kainaz2
    Nov 08, 2013 14:38 IST

    Indian pastry chefs have improved: Fabrice Danniel

    A degree from Le Cordon Bleu (LCB) has pretty much become a prerequisite for any budding pâtissier these days. With over 40 institutes in 20 countries, the French chain also recently entered India with a hospitality course based in Delhi.

  • Maan Gaye Mughall-E-Azam 1
    Nov 07, 2013 17:48 IST

    I love cooking for my wife: Akshay Kumar

    Food to him is “life’s most genuine pleasure and tastiest necessity”. Not many may know that Akshay Kumar is a true blue foodie. We caught up with the actor while he was shooting in Thailand, to talk about all things delicious.

  • Tarla Dalal
    Nov 07, 2013 17:17 IST

    Goodbye, India’s first masterchef

    Author of over 100 cookbooks, Padma Shri awardee and the darling of the Indian kitchen, celebrity chef Tarla Dalal, 77, passed away on Wednesday in Mumbai, following a cardiac arrest.

  • Champagne: More than a drink
    Nov 01, 2013 16:59 IST

    Last orders: curb the neo Licence Raj

    The Excise Department, which in 2009 had issued a notification saying no one can buy more than two bottles of alcohol per week is now hoping to have the drinking permit abolished altogether.

  • Diwali sweets for diabetics
    Oct 29, 2013 13:36 IST

    Fighting the urge to binge this Diwali? Here's how

    Diwali is almost here and that means mithai, special snacks and lots of rich food. No matter how hard you try to stay away, it’s difficult to not indulge in a laddoo or four, while celebrating the five-day festival.

  • Pav Bhaji
    Oct 18, 2013 13:58 IST

    Mumbai’s street food goes international

    Celebrity chef Ravinder Bhogal says Indian street food deserves international attention.

  • Oct 14, 2013 13:35 IST

    Indulge in a kettle-cooked treat

    Living away from home and have just an electric kettle as a cooking aid? Get over eggs or noodles, add flavour in your life with these fun and no-fuss recipes that can turn a dull night into a party.