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Girls, having the other guy in your life is not a bad idea!

If movies such as When Harry Met Sally have you swearing that men and women can’t be friends, it’s time to man up

lifestyle Updated: Nov 16, 2013 18:54 IST
Arpita Kala

Now, don’t get us wrong people. We are talking about your 3am guy buddy. He is your go-to partner for mid-week pub crawls, gives you the ‘guy’s point of view’ in your romantic relationships and tells you the truth when your derriere looks big in your new pair of jeans.

Having the ‘other guy’ in your life can be a great help. If movies such as When Harry Met Sally, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na and the likes have you swearing that men and women can’t be friends, it is time to man up!

“All my closest friends have usually always been of the opposite sex. I’m not a tomboy or anything, but I just feel there is less unnecessary drama with a guy best friend,” says 24-year old Sanjana Chopra, a PR professional in the city. And, she is not the only one it seems, as a lot of people forge lasting friendships with the opposite sex.

“People are more open to such bondings now. Having a friend of the opposite sex helps you understand the other gender better. Also, your comfort zone with such friends is more as people tend to feel competitive while confiding in friends of the same sex,” says psychologist Pulkit Sharma. So, even though he may or may not be game for shopping sprees or fully fathom your PMS woes, it’s great to have a guy bestie. Here’s why he is a must-have in your life:

Deciphering the dude-isms
Can’t seem to fathom the mixed signals your crush has been sending out? A guy bestie can be a great help to understand the opposite sex better.

Boosting your social life
From his football club to colleagues from his work, to the bartender from his favourite pub, you have a higher chance to meet more men (and women too) with a man-friend.

Bracing up for the bitter truth
A guy-friend is not compelled to lie through his teeth when asked for his opinion on your makeup or outfit. He will be honest when your foundation makes you look like a female Edward Cullen.

Lending a hand
From lifting heavy shopping bags to helping you move houses, having a guy bestie in such times can be a blessing.

A stand-by date
Your guy bestie can step in to be your plus one at a boring party or a yoga class and you can do the same for him. This can be a cool way to meet new people and participate in interesting activities.