Govt sites go young

  • Medha Shri Dahiya, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Apr 05, 2014 18:54 IST

Puhleez’, ‘Hell, yeahhh!!’ — did you ever think you would see such slangs on sarkari online platforms?

Recent posts by Delhi Traffic Police and Doordarshan on social media have taken people by a pleasant ­surprise, who are terming it "pretty cool".

"I would never imagine myself ­following Doordarshan! But their ­attitude is so cool," says Swati Singhania, a law student at Delhi University, after she saw DD National 1 give a cheeky, befitting reply to someone who called art films on Doordarshan ­‘boring’.

This follows recent FB posts by Delhi Traffic Police that used lingo full of slangs.

"u ppl r engaging with us, means a lot", posts @div23k.

"This is really cool. Others should also loosen up, man," says Kaavya, a DU student.

"I have newfound respect for these government organisations man! Weren’t they supposed to use archaic, old-world, and very formal ­language?:" exclaims Urvashi Sharma, an ­aspiring ­fashion designer. 

Taj Hasan, special commissioner, Delhi Traffic Police, responsible for the Public Interface Unit that handles the social media, says, "The accounts are handled by young officers who understand social media."

Ananya Banerjee, who heads social media for Doordarshan, says, "We just try to connect with the viewers, especially the young as they are the netizens. And Vikas Panicker (Twitter admin) is doing a fabulous job. We are getting a lot of love on Facebook and Twitter."


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