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Insane or cool: Five wacky innovations of 2014

lifestyle Updated: Dec 25, 2014 18:23 IST
Sanya Panwar
wacky innovations

What a long, strange year it's been. If you thought bee venom facials were strange enough, lifestyle and beauty crazes got even weirder in 2014: The year saw women coloring their armpit hair before sharing the results on Instagram and someone finally invented a condom that is good for the environment! Yes that happened!

A look at 2014's wackiest lifestyle trends that have to be read to be believed.

1 Is that poop on your face and are fish really feeding off your feet?
Remember that time when Kim Kardashian caused a whole lot of buzz when she went for a vampire facial? Yes, vampire facial, which extracts blood from your arm and uses it on the face, and gives you a 'youthful' look. But Kim wasn't the crazy one? Women (and let's be honest, some men) gave her company. In case you missed it, the 45-minute procedure even made it’s way into the Oscar’s swag bag! Let's admit it, in 2014, exotic facials proved to be a way to turn back time, to help uncover that baby face hidden under the wrinkles and acne. From human placenta and snail secretion to bird poop and spermine (a substance discovered in human sperm -- hold the dirty jokes), people were ready to put anything and everything on their faces in the name of beauty. Oh did we forget fish pedicure, in which fish feed off the dead skin on clients' feet. No words!

2 When dyed armpit hair became a feminist statement
Another bizarre beauty trend of 2014 saw women coloring their armpit hair before sharing the results on Instagram! It's no secret that some women choose not to shave or wax their armpits. But in 2014, a unique new beauty craze encouraged women to grow out their underarm hair and dye it in a bright, bold color. Hair stylist Roxie Hunt was one of the people who led the armpit hair revolution and insisted that women embrace their underarm hair, rather than feeling forced to shave it off or hide it. Roxie asked one of her colleagues to help her test out the best armpit dying technique and offered a wealth of tips and advice to any women wanting to try out the trend for themselves. But she was not the only one embracing this new trend. Dozens of women on Instagram shared images of their own brightly-colored armpits using the hashtag #dyedpits, while on YouTube, hundreds of users posted videos about dying their armpit hair, including a number of in-depth tutorials. Yes, yes, yes; For real.

3 Now, have organic sex with green vegan condoms
In 2014, someone finally invented a condom that is good for the environment. Made from fair trade rubber and latex and 'suitable' for vegans, the condoms are called Sustain?. Invented by father-daughter duo Jeffrey and Meika Hollender, from New York, the 'greendoms' touched down with quite a bang in September. If their controversial 'sexvert' urging ladies to 'get on top and start f*cking naturally' wasn't controversial enough and in-your-face then, how about their message for women: Your vagina deserves better?

4 Dress that turns transparent when you're turned on
If you blush easily, then wearing this dress would make you reveal far more than a red face. And you don't get to choose whether this dress is revealing or not -- your carnal instincts do. Early in April, Netherlands-based Studio Roosegarde announced they were designing the Intimacy 2.0 dress, which turns transparent when the wearer is aroused. The dress, currently still a concept, will come in an option of white cloth or black fake leather material. Here's the science behind it: Tiny sensors detect changes in wearer’s body temperature and as the wearer’s heart rate goes up, the e-foils transform into a clear plastic. With tactically placed thin leather strips embedded with electronic-foils around the bust area, this garment promised to take flirting to a new level!

5 How about deodorant candies you could eat?
Before December 2014, there were sprays, roll-ons and sticks. But then one candy-maker offered the world a new kind of deodorant in the form of 'delicious sweets'. Talking inspiration from the old saying, 'true beauty comes from inside', Bulgaria's small Alpi candy factory, made the Deo Perfume Candy that 'neutralises' body odour and replaces it with a lingering sweet scent for up to six hours, depending on a person's size and how many sweets they have gobbled up. The sweets - which look like typical lollies and are available in hard, chewy and even sugar-free versions - are based on research by Japanese scientists who found that a major component of rose oil, geraniol, was not broken down by the body but excreted through the skin. Have you eaten the Deo Perfume Candy? Would you want to eat these in 2015? Just saying: We would love to at least try them once.