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Is the sitting disease gnawing at your health?

lifestyle Updated: Aug 21, 2013 01:21 IST
Torsha Sen

Are you someone who loves junk food, has a crazy work schedule, a desk job and no time for workout? It’s time you realised the perils of living such a life, and stood up for your health, literally. A recent study shows that people who sit for more than six hours a day have a 40% higher risk of dying from illnesses, regardless of their fitness level, versus those who sit for less than three hours. So, do not let a sedentary lifestyle take a toll on your health. Instead, introduce subtle but effective changes in your daily routine, and make sure you stay healthy and happy. Today we tell you how a sedentary lifestyle can affect you, and how you can save yourself.

Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid produces a low level of the thyroid hormone that’s chiefly responsible for healthy metabolism. There is almost an epidemic of this condition around the world, and most of it due to a sedentary lifestyle! The prime symptoms of Hypothyroidism include fatigue, depression, modest weight gain, cold intolerance, excessive sleepiness, dry and coarse hair, and sometimes constipation. To combat this disease, you need to make small changes in your lifestyle. “Stop slouching on your work station for hours and start on a healthy diet and exercise plan,” advises Dr Anoop Dheer.

Musculoskeletal Issues
Even if we are not engaged in heavy physical activities and are only sitting at our desks all day working on touch spreadsheets, we still are so tired, we give workout a complete miss. The result: chronic lower back and neck aches. So, even as you see a physician to treat your aches, what you must do regularly is live a disciplined lives with a balanced diet and workout. If heavy workout is not your cup of tea, opt for some simple yoga.

Late nights at work, working in shifts, working for long hours on your computers or staying hooked to the net till wee hours have almost become a way of life. The consequence: gradual loss of the ability to have a sound sleep, naturally. “Stop all work involving the screens, TV, laptop or mobile phones, at least 2 hours before bedtime. Read a good book instead, and close to bedtime, take a hot milk with honey or some Chamomile tea to relax yourself,” suggests Dr Dheer.

Almost 76% of Delhi’s population is struggling with this disease, because of easy access to and affordability of fast foods. An unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, that includes sitting on your workstations for hours, and on your couch watching TV or playing video games even as you munch your deep-fried crispies and pizzas, is making it worse. Obesity is also leading to other lifestyle diseases including diabetes, depression and musculoskeletal woes, among others. The solution? Well, wake up and smell the coffee! After all, it ain’t rocket science to curb your addiction for junk and doing some workout everyday. “You must also avoid large gaps between meals. Eat small portions at a time. Ditch fried food or excess of anything. Have a balanced meal comprising complex carbohydrates (multigrain bread, chapati, jaggery, oats), protein (meat, poultry, curd, skim milk, nuts, dals), fats, dairy products such as milk and dahi, fruits and raw vegetables. And most importantly, you must do 30 minutes of any kind of cardio exercise everyday, such walking, swimming or cycling,” suggests nutritionist Neelanjana Singh.