Jaaved Jaaferi's fitness mantra, dance to shape up

Bollywood actor Javed Jafri dancing with cancer-affected children during an event to celebrate Christmas at a hospital in Mumbai.

When it’s actor Jaaved Jaaferi talking about health, how could dance not be a part of his advice? On a recent visit to HT City, the wacky and funny Bollywood actor told us there’s nothing like dancing to keep you in great shape. “Dancing is a fun workout. It keeps your spirits pumped up,” he says.

He also congratulated HT City on the overwhelming success of its campaign Get Healthy, Delhi. “It’s a great endeavour. Keep up your efforts,” he said.

"Well done, HT City!  Keep up your efforts of making your city healthy. My advice to all the fans of Get Healthy, Delhi: learn what suits you most before chalking out a fitness plan. Do not blindly follow trends."

"A sedentary lifestyle can be very dangerous. No matter how hectic your life is, devote at least half an hour daily to working out, and keep a tab on binge eating."


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