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Let’s reuse to revamp

lifestyle Updated: Jun 29, 2013 04:29 IST
Snigdha Ahuja

Do you see beauty in everything around you? If yes, then we couldn’t agree with you more. From egg crates that you dispose off without much thought, to obsolete floppy disks that can make for funky stationery — beautify your home with recycled decor.

Hunt the refrigerator for half-eaten candies, transfer them into a container and use wrappers to do up your walls. Spread them over glazed paper and pin up your work for a kitschy wall panel. Saumya Sharma, 24, a Delhi based lawyer, swears by mesh wire screens. “Get a carpenter to cut a sheet scrap. Hang inside your closet, and through the openings, hook up your earrings and other jewellery.

Disco curtains
Are your desk drawers overflowing with shiny discs that you have absolutely no idea where to put? Don’t trash them just yet, because there is so much you can do with CDs. We love these easy-to-do disco curtains that can be ringed and strung together for a pretty, sunlight-reflective effect. Other things to do when it comes to CDs? Stencilled disks cover in glazed plastic can be used as coasters. In the same way, If you have a vintage Vinyl record, don’t even think of disposing the beauties. Innovate and turn them into wall decals. Jazzed lights We all love to make our lives more multi-hued. And now, it’s easy to start at home. Jazz up your bulbs by adding colour. Rather than a brush or a paint tube, make use of nail paints. The brush here is finer and the colour sticks more readily. By doing different colours in varied patterns, you can create psychedelic effect to light up a corner of your bedroom or living area. So go on, get that paint out!

Pretty it up
Birds are not meant to be caged, but you can use the ornate, old-world pieces to re-invent a special corner of your living room. Bring in scented candles, incense sticks and a sweet bunch of petunias, white roses or fresh chrysanthums to add an instant dash of soft glamour. When expecting guests, get these fragrant pieces together. You can hang them from a low ceiling or place in the middle of your dinning area. Similarly, if you have a vintage lantern lying around, add a small candle and see your room transform with retro charm.

Pop of pencil art
Do you have boxes of those childhood reminiscent coloured pencils stacked in your work drawers? Take the colours out and use them in fun, crazy ways. Here’s an example: we saw the bill box at Zo, Hauz Khas Village which was meticulously adorned with broken coloured pencils stuck on a wooden box. Try a newbiew version at home and use as a box to store your stationeries.

Poster shades If you thought your artistic abilities could only make for great wall art, think again. If you have an old table lamp lying around, quirk it up with a stroke of creativity. Get a plastic lamp shade and draw in your doodles, or mix and match with old posters and newspapers, wrapping them over your lamp shade. Colour in some fun by using acrylic paints and going for stick-on art.

Time to cr(e)ate some magic

Egg crates are little pieces of genius. Apart from having the ability to soundproof and thus absorb noise, it can also be converted in to cute kitchen garden decoratives. Insert tiny shot or cutting-chai style glasses into each crate and fill them with your choice of fresh flowers. Plastic egg crates can also be used to store your dinning table ready toppings — from your jellybean bites to silver coated cardamoms. If you are good at crafts, Lilly shaped cut-outs can make for pelmet decoratives.

DIY vintage furniture
Everything vintage makes for high octane fashion as it brings back old-world charm in an instant. The easiest way to incorporate your vintage heirlooms into everyday decor is by using your grandmother’s trunks as antique-look furniture in your living room. Rather than locking away these heavyweights in your storage area, use them as coffee tables if they have a flat top surface. If you have a solid coloured trunk, you can also give them the easel and paintbrush treatment.

Floored by floppies
Remember the now obsolete floppy disks? A lot of us still have memories attached to those simple times! Don’t get rid of the feeling, as you can revamp the square disks into stationary products. Use an easy helping of double sided tape or glue and put together five floppies to create a pen holder. Similar to CDs, floppy disks too can be used as funked-up coasters, or even as miniature indoor square flower pots if built smart.