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China firm sets record for thinnest latex condom

A Chinese manufacturer has set the record for the world's thinnest latex condom with one measuring 0.036 millimetres, Guinness World Records said on Thursday.

Eat salmon, walnuts for a slimmer waist

The study conducted by Uppsala University reveals that people who eat a lot of polyunsaturated fat gain more muscle than those who eat a lot of saturated fat, reports

'Winged' condom awarded for novel design

A Dutch invention that makes the condom easier to put on has been awarded a prestigious iF Gold Award 2014 for its novel design. Called Wingman, it features wings that allow the condom to be unrolled with one hand.

12 ways to tackle bhang hangover

Holi may be an excuse to gulp down a few shots of bhang but an aching head and nauseating stomach can take all the fizz out of your festive spirit. Here’s how to ban the miserable hangover post a bhang session.

All about Bhang

Holi, for any spirited Delhiwalla means rang aur bhang ki masti. The natural intoxicant made from the leaves and flowers of the female cannabis plant has been used in India during certain religious rituals for ages.

Looking for ideal partner? Try matching your grammar!

"People also aren't very good at predicting ahead of time what they'll find attractive on a date. So in a way, language predicts what people want in a partner better than they do themselves," a researcher said.


One of the most loved actresses from the '90s, Kajol has broken the stereotype of a stylish person.

Threesomes made easy: a dating app for 'throuples'

 You can sign up as a single person looking for a couple or as a couple looking for a third person.

Who you are, is what you wear: Sonam Kapoor

Mumbai’s Most Stylish 2013 winner Sonam Kapoor talks to Hindustan Times about fashion, her style, an icon she looks up to and much more.

Crash diet makes people lose friends too?

A recent survey indicates how crash dieting not only makes you gain weight in the long run but can actually make you lose friends too. Read on for more details.



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