After missing a string of deadlines, the results of the final year polytechnic diploma exam of the Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh (BTEUP) was announced on Friday, ending the uncertainty in the minds of more than 2 lakh students. Like previous years, girls outperformed boys in the exam this year too.  

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    The pass percentage of girls this year is pegged at 73%, compared to the 55% of boys who managed to clear the exams. A total of nearly 15,000 girls appeared in the exam while more than 1.77 lakh boys took the exam, said SN Singh, secretary, board of technical education.
    The result was declared on July 28 after the authorities missed several consecutive deadline of announcement of results. The results were first scheduled to be out on June 25, and then rescheduled multiple times to June 30, July 6 and July 13. 
    The board conceded that the delays were due to their failure to complete the evaluatioin work on time. Singh told HT that next time it will be declared on time. “There were certain technical issues that has delayed the process of preparing final year result,’ he said.
    The BTEUP conducts examinations for students enrolled with polytechnic colleges across Uttar Pradesh in various disciplines like Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, Automobile, Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT).

Pin politics all over social media

  • Snigdha Ahuja, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Oct 28, 2013 17:47 IST

A stream of jokes and sarcasm has taken over social media ever since BlackBerry Messenger was made available for download for Android and iOS users recently, and there’s no stopping the battles over the new ‘open policy’.

“The most annoying part of BBM for Android is the overshare of BB pins . It seems like we are back in 2010,” says Aakriti Mehta, 24, who works for a production company. Vivani Khurana, 26, a fashion writer refutes: “What’s with the sour grapes over the pin shares? Almost all of us have graduated from Blackberry to Androids. The app is finally out, so I think it’s cool to flaunt a pin if you have one.” Meanwhile, here are some tweets that made us laugh.

WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE hike and now BBM for Android to talk to the same people, It’s like buying five remotes for the same TV, @SufiKhan.

If people were as enthusiastic for #VoterRegistration as they are for BBM Pin, it will help strengthen our democracy!
BB Users: “BBM is such an outdated app for us”, iPhone & Android users: “BBM rocks”,

Nokia smartphone users: “Angry Birds khela hai kya?”

Getting a bbm is the same thing as you making a new MySpace page right now hoping its going to become cool again
2 kids in a Museum, staring at an Egyptian Mummy with 1227BC written below. 1st kid:
Wht does tht mean?
2nd kid: Must be his BBM pin #SMS

@prtxt BBM for Android looks so dated that using it would make you feel 10 years younger.


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