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Want to be a father? Stop drinking today

Just five units of alcohol could diminish your opportunity to produce children. Research suggest that for men, who habitually drank heavily, there was a clear link between alcohol intake and quality of sperm.

The big face-off: Looks influence the biggest judgments

New research has revealed that people commonly judge facial traits/expressions to judge ones capabilities and personality. The study has implied that people associate characteristics like trustworthiness, competence, dominance, and friendliness with specific facial traits.

From baby to buddy: 5 tips on how to stay friends with your ex

Turns out, you can actually be friends with your ex, and it's not the herculean task you thought it was. While the chances of you becoming best buds with them, the tips below could at least help you get to that warm, cordial place that most people never seem to achieve.

Vegetarians have lower sperm counts than meat-eaters

Researchers at Loma Linda University Medical School in the US found that while a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables can protect against many illnesses and can prolong life, it appears that it may also harm fertility.

What do women care about? Face or body?

Changes in skin are visible signs of ageing. A new research shows that many women feel they have focussed more on the face than the entire body.

Only the fastest, 'stickiest' win: Study finds how sperms compete to fertilise egg

In situations where a female copulates with several males in quick succession, only the best sperm, marked by speed, size and viscosity, wins the race to fertilise the egg, says a study.

Insecure lovers share more on social media

Does your partner post nostalgic photos from an old vacation or a family album on social networking websites too often? Chances are that he is insecure about his relationship status.

Decoded: Why men cheat on their partners despite being in love

A new survey has revealed partners cheat because they don't get to go between the sheets more often. According to the survey by a dating website, 18% men revealed they cheated because they were tired of arguing,

Hear this, guys: Women like mom-in-law as birthing partner

A new survey has suggested that 20% of women prefer their mother in-laws as their birthing partner when they go into labour. However, 80% of new mums welcome their in-laws within minutes of the baby's arrival.

Propagating memes: Now, scan social behaviour on Twitter

Researchers at the Indiana University in the US are working on a project to collect and analyse social pollution that is spreading on social media like Twitter. The project named Truthy will study what researchers call social epidemics.


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