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See your partner as a complete human being, not just a sexual being

According to new research, men who frequently objectify their partner's bodies by excessively focusing on their appearance are more likely to feel shame about the shape and size of their partner's body.

Now, mistress greeting cards for celebrating adultery

Bizarre as it may sound to some, Illicit Encounters, the UK's largest website for married people seeking affairs, has launched new range of cards to celebrate their 'affair-versary'.

Men find women in red more attractive: Study

According to a study in China, the colour, which is associated with romance, passion, lust and fertility, boosts a woman's sex appeal and makes her appear 'warmer' and more competent, the Daily Express reported.

This thing called love: Sex after childbirth can be better than before

After giving birth, a woman thinks of many things: baby names, how soon she can go home and so on. The last thing on her mind is sex. But with vaginal rejuvenation treatments, new mothers are able to turn back the clock while enhancing sensation and closeness with their significant other.

Formula for happy marriage: A big wedding, few affairs before 'I Do'

A big wedding celebration preceded by few romantic relationships for both the bride and the groom could be a positive sign that they will be happy together years down the road, according to a new research.

Exchanging sexual photos part of 'everyday life' for every second teen

A new poll has revealed that almost 50% of teenagers regard sending sexual photos or videos as part of 'everyday life', while most youngsters find it 'too easy' to accidentally see pornography online.

Give a lil' try: 5 tips to restore faith in love post break-up

The end of any relationship leaves behind scars and the ability to trust again becomes a challenge when you start a new relationship. Take it slow, be honest and all will be fine.

Bored of sex, ladies? Throw in some emotions, start making 'love'

The new mantra for women who feel their sex life is boring and bereft of passion: connect love with sex and enhance the pleasure between the sheets. According to an interesting study, love and commitment can make sex physically more satisfying for many women.

Between the sheets: Lesbians reach orgasm more than straight women

Women in lesbian relationships and men are more likely to reach orgasm during sex than straight women, shows a fascinating study.

Calling all the single ladies: 5 reasons why being single rules!

It has been quoted by men, time and again, why being a bachelor is just the best. And today we are here to address the acute melancholia of the miserable single ladies and give them five reasons as to why being the mistress of your own universe totally rules.

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