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Is your boss bullying you? A new study finds the solution

If you are a victim of bullying at the workplace, instead of suffering it silently find a co-worker with whom you could share your story, a study suggests.

Guess what influences your mood? It's your walk!

A new study has observed that the way one walks actually affects their mood. The study approached subjects where they were prompted to walk in a more depressed style, with less arm movement and their shoulders rolled forward, experienced worse moods than those who were induced to walk in a happier style.

Ignite the spark! Happiness mantra for couples above 65

Better physical health and higher levels of sexual frequency among people above age 65 are linked to higher levels of marital satisfaction, according to a recent study. Any type of sexual touching and pleasure counts toward sexual frequency among older couples.

Pearls of witdom: 5 smart sentences you must never say on your first date

It's your first date with a new guy/girl. You'll spend a considerable amount of time finding the perfect outfit, applying and reapplying make-up till it's spot on, searching for the cologne/aftershave that is the right combination of subtle and strong.

Trying to impress your folks? Good luck, Indian parents are the most difficult

A new survey suggests that Indian and Chinese mainland parents are pickiest about their child's education, with more than 70% of them expecting that their child will achieve a master's level or above.

Is your man a love-cheat? Check his shoe size

A new study has revealed that the larger a guy's feet, the more likely he is to have an affair and that the most faithful men have a shoe size between a seven and a nine while the most adulterous have a ten or larger, the Daily Star reported.

Just can't say no to that chocolate cake? Are your friends making you fat?

Friends can actually make you fat by insisting to share a chocolate cake they know you love so much, and you know that you shouldn't have. The new study says that people feel happier and regret it when someone insists them to indulge.

And the biggest compliment you can pay women over 35 is...

According to a new survey, the biggest compliment one can pay to a woman over 35 years of age is to tell her that she looks young rather than slim with 60% of women admitting this gives them the biggest confidence boost.

This will blow your mind! Past sexual partner may decide offspring size

Researchers propose that the effect is due to molecules in the seminal fluid of the first mate being absorbed by the female's immature eggs and then influencing the growth of offspring of a subsequent mate.

Wedding blues: Big fat expensive weddings end up in big fat divorces

It turns out if people spend more on their engagement ring and wedding day, they are likelier to get divorced than the ones who don't. According to Brides magazine, wedding bills and divorce rates may be linked due to the stress couples tend to experience from the wedding debt.

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