It’s a singles’ day out this Valentine’s!

Why should only ­couples have all the fun on Valentine’s Day? If you’re single and tired of all the mush that makes up V-Day, head to city restaurants and eateries where you can raise a toast to singledom.

From pizzas shaped like a broken heart, free cocktails, to a dramatic rose petal welcome into the restaurant – there’s much to opt for. And yes, there’s provision for venting out your angst on your no-good ex-lover.  The offer at Dude Food in Satya Niketan reads, "Carry a picture of your ex. Burn it in the restaurant and avail 1+1 on specially crafted select menu. Our new range of broken heart pizzas are more cheesy than the cheesiest promises made by your ex."

Cafe Delhi Heights in Vasant Kunj is hosting a ‘Singles Awareness Day,’ where, if you step in without a mate, you get to indulge in a discounted three-course meal. Roost Bistro in Hauz Khas Village is another place where singles can enjoy a complimentary drink. Pranay Kumar from the restaurant says, "We will pamper all the singles who visit on V-Day, with complimentary cocktails."

Dinesh Arora from Hadippa, Rajouri Garden shares, "We will welcome single visitors by showering them with rose petals and we also have a complimentary drink or ­dessert for them." So, are ­singles okay with being ­surrounded by ­in-love couples on V-Day? "I wouldn’t mind. Why stay at home and brood. I can always go with my other single friends and have fun," says 22-year-old city-based student, Naina Arora. Agrees Tarun Dhiman, 28, businessman, "I am all for free ­cocktails to ­celebrate my ­singledom."


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