Man meets Woman: Fresh visual spin on gender clichés, battle of sexes

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  • Updated: Aug 12, 2014 18:27 IST

Cover of the book Man meets Woman (AFP)

The relationship between the sexes remains one of the most examined subjects of modern society, but Chinese graphic designer Yang Liu has put a fresh spin on the issue with her new book Man meets Woman.

Featuring a collection of bold, contemporary pictograms, the work questions the traditional clichés of male and female experiences.

The binary images highlight the differences between the gender experience through opposition, with scenarios focusing on areas of everyday life such as travel, the office and household chores.

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The book is the first in a new series for Taschen. The publishing house states: "Combining age-old stereotypes with topical discrepancies, this fresh approach to the roles and relationships of men and women is above all an effort to synthesize a notoriously thorny issue into a fun and refreshing graphic form, and so to lighten and enlighten our mutual understanding and tolerance."

Man meets Woman is available for pre-order from Taschen, at a retail price of €12.


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