Smart ways to app your fitness

We all talk about hitting the gym regularly to maintain an optimum level of fitness. But thanks to our hectic lifestyle, this might not always be possible. Here are eight apps that could help you achieve all-round wellness without trying too hard.

Skipping a workout becomes a costly affair when you forfeit cash for each session that you bunk.
Cost: Free
Compatible with: iOS and Android

With nearly 800 workouts, 5,000-plus exercises and access to a live personal trainer, this app offers an immersive fitness experience.
Cost: First month free, $9.99 (R598) per month for complete access
Compatible with: iOS and Android

For $10 (R598) per month, the health-conscious can access a carefully curated library of professional-quality fitness videos.
Cost: Download for free, subscription needed for online access
Compatible with: iOS and Android

The app takes an holistic approach to health and creates a plan from common wellness goals — drink water, take the stairs — for happiness and physical vitality.
Cost: Free
Compatible with: iOS and Android

Cruise Control
The app creates a music playlist that matches the user’s rhythm, target pace or specific heart rate. Who said a workout can get monotonous?
Cost: $4.99 (R298)
Compatible with: iOS

Charity Miles
Get this app that tracks every mile you run, bike or walk, and donates the results to charity on your behalf. Earning good karma was never this appealing.
Cost: Free
Compatible with: iOS and Android

Office Yoga
Work stress stressing you out? Take a zen break between deadlines with this cubicle-friendly yoga app.
Cost: $0.99 (R59.28)
Compatible with: iOS

Lose It!
Get a weight-loss plan customised to your needs and track food, measure activity levels, and connect with friends for motivation to reach your goals.
Cost: Free
Compatible with: iOS, Android, Kindle, and Nook.


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