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The cut-n-keep Diili ki baarish guide

lifestyle Updated: Jul 23, 2014 11:40 IST
Rhema Mukti Baxter
Rhema Mukti Baxter
Hindustan Times

After the very hot and long painful wait, the rain gods have finally showered their blessings upon us. We bring to you your very own guide to making the most of the monsoon while it lasts. Live it up, Delhi style!

Stuff yourself with all the samosas you can ­manage. From matar to aloo, paneer to keema, spice knows no bar. The same with pakodas. Have Maggi — the desi way. For those with a sweet tooth, jalebis are a must. For maximum guilt, try with a side helping of rabdi.


Drinking chai, Delhi’s most addictive drink, is a must in the monsoons. No greater joy than sipping on your favourite cuppa or going the traditional way with roadside bhaiyas brewing you a cup with elaichi, adrak or masala maar ke. Not to forget ­coffee — that will give you the much needed kick. Dance:

For a Bollywood twist, try twirling around with an umbrella in a rain-drenched saree. And how about splashing in a puddle or two? Keep those pretty leather Kolhapuris away and opt for the colourful flip-flops from Sarojini Nagar market or Janpath.


So what if the intensity of the rains is always directly proportional to the number of broken down DTC busses causing traffic woes? Enjoy the NCR highways, which are meant to be whizzed by, ­windows down, with the rain flying in your face. Preferably with a dog in the passenger seat with his tongue hanging out!

From monuments to tombs, gumbads to baolis, Delhi is bursting at the seams to be explored and what better weather than the rains. Go try the Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) buses, which take you all over the city. Make a surprise visit to the zoo if it isn’t raining too much.


Selfies or pictures of birds. Or if you are the President, you can always tweet rain pics of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Hum songs. Needn’t necessarily be in Anu Malik style (It’s raining, it’s raining). Discover the soundtrack of your life as you get drenched on the roof.

Can’t step out of work for something you love? Lean out of the office window and whiff the petrichor. Enjoy the aroma of roasting bhuttaas.

Catch up on that well-intentioned pile of books.

A paper boat. Be it at Deer Park’s lake or in a ­puddle. Or just wait for the roads to turn to streams. From Old Fort to India Gate’s Boat Club, enjoy boat-riding. Oh buoy!

Where to stuff your faces

Look past the wet shoes, soaked clothes, bad hair days, smelly ­outdoors, pothole-ridden streets, filthy trains and the readymade excuse to be late to work, by going here — Lota, snuggled in the laps of the Crafts Museum, is guaranteed to give the taste buds something to write home about. Enjoy the awesome view of Hauz Khas lake at any of the restaurants in the vicinity. Go check if the deer in Deer park are willing to be snapped.

The Khandani Pakodewala in Sarojini Nagar is famous for its delectable spicy pakodas and ­chutney, which taste even better when kept between two slices of bread.

When you are done splashing...
Go eat bhuttaas at India Gate. Or slurp on ice creams. Turn it into a complete family outing by getting your pictures clicked. Sling your camera and head out to the ridge areas to catch a glimpse of the elusive peacocks in the monsoon. Pack a picnic lunch if you don’t want to be disturbed with mundane acts such as finding an eating joint.

Watch aeroplanes take off and land if the night showers permit a ride to that end of the city. Carry a ­container of coffee or tea to keep yourself warm.

Things Not To Do

Try not to fall in an open drainage

Don’t get stuck in traffic jams

Stay away from malaria, jaundice and the likes

Ignore the urge to steal umbrellas!

Photos: Manoj Verma and Kaushal Sindwani