There’s lots in a language, after all

We use different dialects everyday to communicate and understand the world around us. But do we value the role of a language in our lives? The third edition of Samanvay IHC Indian Languages Festival, which begins today, attempts to answer this question by celebrating Indian writings in over 20 dialects.

The four-day gala will deliberate on connections between dialects and the links that they make. It will also conduct interactive sessions where stalwarts like Jerry Pinto, Ketan Mehta, Gulzar, Mahesh Bhatt and Piyush Mishra, among others, will take part. Sharing his views on the festival, veteran poet and lyricist Gulzar says, “With so many languages in Indian literature, no one language on its own can represent the country. At present, the liveliest work can be seen coming from the affected areas of Odisha, but we are not aware. One has to remain in touch with other regional dialects and understand each other’s problems. The festival aims at bridging this gap by bringing artists from varied regions together.”

There will also be poetry performances, folk art, stand-up comedy and cultural evenings. As for the theme, Satyanand Nirupam, creative director of the event, says,“Jodti Zubanein, Judti Zubanein, goes beyond the literary and cultural associations across dialects and encompasses the connections between divergent media of expression.”

Catch it live
Samanvay IHC Indian Languages Festival
Where: India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
For schedule and timings:
On till: October 27
Nearest Metro Station: Jor Bagh on the Yellow Line


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