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Moscow to Dubai: New hotels opening soon, brace yourself globetrotting luxury enthusiasts

Travel junkies have plenty to look forward to before the end of 2014. Following the grand opening of the Raffles Istanbul, we take a look at other high-profile hotels due to open for business this season.

Masai Mara: Kenya’s own Garden of Eden

With a deep red sunset, a grey sweep of rain, multiple rainbows and low hanging clouds all at once — the Masai Mara grasslands might be the closest thing to paradise. Extending over 1500 square kilometers, they roll ever so gently, allowing one to see for miles in all directions.

When in Bordeaux, raise your glass for world's best wines

As the grape harvest season approaches in France, we take a look at some of the country's most iconic wine regions. In and around Bordeaux, some of the most prestigious wineries on the planet open their doors to oenophiles along five main wine routes.

Everest on speed: UK guide promises summit in 42 days!

Raise your game, skip the queues and scale the world's highest peak in 42 days: that's British guide Adrian Ballinger's ambitious pitch to climbers preparing to summit Mount Everest. Conventional wisdom tells us that it takes 10 weeks to reach the top of the 8,848-metre peak.

The dark side of Copenhagen's fairy tale

The gorgeous old town with splendid historic buildings has always been far more complex than Denmark's 'happy nation' reputation. Some of its best sights include, Venice-like canals and the stark modern architecture Denmark is known for.

World's cleanest hotels in Tokyo, dirtiest in Rio de Janeiro

Not all hotels live up to the same standards when it comes to cleanliness. According to a recent study conducted by, spotless hotel rooms are easier to find in some cities than in others. Read on.

Seoul: Of trains, palaces, towers and fast cell service

South Korea's hyper-efficient capital doesn't immediately spring to mind when you think of exotic Asian destinations. But it offers lots: here, you can explore Korea's rich historic heritage, wander around temples and savor local delights.

Most Indians work even on vacation: Survey

Majority of Indians continue to tag along work on their vacations, says a recent survey that puts US and Australia on top of a list of countries where people find it hard to unplug.

15 things thou shalt not do in Delhi

Delhi-based comedian Papa CJ highlights the bad habits that Delhiites ought to shun. As we ­celebrate glorious 15 years of HT City and its bond with Dilli, it’s critical to look at what we need to stop doing. Here’re 15 things, for starters.

On a budget: 'Cheap' 5-star travel in Europe

Want to spend a few nights in a European luxury hotel? Your dreams may be more attainable than you think. To live like royalty without emptying your bank account, travelers may consider forgoing the well-known capitals and seeking out European destinations that are less overrun by tourists.

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