Weekend fix for the soul: God is in the words

  • Kamalrukh Khan, None, New Delhi
  • Updated: Oct 16, 2014 13:41 IST

Who is God? What is God? There are so many explanations and debates and confusions. However, the explanation that resonates with me is the one by Wayne Dyer, who says, "God is the highest place within each and every one of us. It is our divine self."

God is energy. God is power. Just like words.

Words have a strong impact on our daily lives. Any word or sound uttered becomes a sound wave, becomes real- intangible and invisible, but real. No words are empty. They are energies that work for, or against us. That is why poetry, lyrics, music, songs affect people. In our words, we create our own strengths and weaknesses.

The power of positive words has long since been known to work wonders. Combined with the power of intention and the attitude of gratitude, words create miracles in our lives. Positive words essentially re-structure our minds into positive thinking and we all know the magic that positive thinking creates!

You don't have to be a scientist to understand how the power of words affects our behaviours. Praise and positive critiques directed at us will yield far better results than negative criticism. Even with children, experts recommend using words which have a positive and strength based connotation rather than labelling or negative ones.

Nevertheless, scientist Masaru Emoto did some experiments with water, which we know is capable of dissolving and absorbing different elements. He wanted to see if water absorbs information from words.

He wrote words like "I love you", "thank you", etc as well as words like "fool", "demon", etc on each bottle of distilled water, left these bottles untouched overnight and the following day, he froze the water. He kept observing its crystals under a microscope.

The results were astounding: the crystals of water on the bottles of which positive words like "I love you", and "thank you" were written, got formed into beautiful symmetrical artistic shapes, whereas the crystals with negative inscriptions were shaped chaotically in an ugly and disorganised way. This is "tangible" proof of how words can significantly affect and influence matter.

Imagine what the impact of words would be on a human being, considering that more than 70% of the human body comprises of water! Words said, can light up fires in the minds of people or can wring tears from the hardest hearts.

Masaru Emoto went a step further, and tested the water crystals from a big city water dam. Predictably, the water crystals were impure and chaotic. He however, made a monk take the same water and pray over it and bless it. The crystals of the same water acquired the beautiful and artistic impressions.

What he gathered was that it is not the words themselves, but the meaning of the words that man attaches to them, that matters. Some languages have the same words which mean different things. So it's the thoughts and feelings too, attached to the words that influence us all around.

Many doctors, alternative healers and hypnotherapists swear by the power of words or affirmations, which play an important role in the healing modalities.

As Rumi said, "Raise your words not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers not thunder".

Words exist in a dictionary, so innocent and powerless, but become so potent (for good or evil), in the hands of one who knows how to combine them. There exists a sentence for everyone that has the power to completely destroy them or to completely heal them.

What did yours do today?

Kamalrukh Khan is a Mumbai-based Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach. She's intuitive, strong and positive and loves travelling. She believes travelling to a new country is the best education she can give her kids. Painting and flying a plane or chopper top her bucket-list.

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