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Weird water world

lifestyle Updated: Oct 20, 2013 13:43 IST
Sneha Mahale

You’d think that with so much to do on land you wouldn’t feel the need to try some rather strange activities underwater. But that clearly isn’t the case. As people across the globe push the boundaries of imagination, the result may not always be, well, sane. Here are some weird underwater activities that have gained popularity of late.

Underwater yoga
Every Tuesday, from 7 am to 8 am, city dwellers and professionals visit the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium for some relaxing and reinvigorating yoga sessions surrounded by marine life, including a variety of fish, sharks and tortoises. The session is conducted by acclaimed Yoga by the Sea instructor Sasha Hawley. The classes cost around AUD 30 per session and come with a breakfast on-the-go and a yoga mat. We just hope the mat is waterproof.
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Snuba diving
You would assume that scuba diving would be the be all and end all of underwater explorations, which required you to carry oxygen tanks on your back. Apparently, the owners of the Coral World Ocean Park, located in the US Virgin Islands, disagree. So what we now have is something called Snuba. As part of this experience, you gain freedom of movement and ease of breathing underwater as the air tanks are located at the surface and carried on a raft. Your dive time will be approximately 30 minutes and you will go to a maximum depth of 20 feet (6 meters). The activity is especially popular in Caribbean waters.
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Bog snorkelling
This sport dates back to 1976 and most probably originated in Wales. And for some reason it inspires sane, and often adult, men and women to don masks and flippers, and snorkel and jump into a trench cut into a peat bog. No recognised swimming strokes are allowed and swimmers can only lift their heads from the dark waters to find their positions. So popular is this event that it has gone on to get its own World Bog Snorkelling Championship. Taking place annually in Llanwrtyd Wells, a small town in Wales, it is a hit with locals and tourists.
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Cage diving with crocs
Don’t get us wrong; we do hold crocodiles in high esteem. And we do feel that a predator that outlived the dinosaurs deserves some healthy respect. But for adrenaline-seekers, the ultimate high involves getting into a cage that is lowered to the riverbed and observing these magnificent creatures from close quarters. Try this at the Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa. As they swim by and have a snipe or two at the cage bars, you might start to believe in the Almighty.
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Memorial Reef
The Egyptians believed in the afterlife, often asking for their favourite everyday items and devoted slaves to be buried along with them. This was done to ensure that they wouldn’t miss worldly pleasures when they moved on. This artificial reef, called the Neptune Memorial Reef, which is close to Miami, Florida, offers a similar experience. Built with a design inspired by The Lost City of Atlantis, you can choose to add a column or a bench dedicating a memorial to your loved one, which will be placed underwater. Cremations are also allowed and ashes may be interred in a columbarium, buried or scattered.
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