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Secret to staying in the pink of health: Cold water, nuts

Start your day with cold water, nuts and stretching exercises to stay healthy. Drinking cold water on an empty stomach helps you raise your metabolism since your body needs to maintain a neutral temperature at the core.

Sleepless teens may pile on the pounds: Study

Teens who think sleep is overrated should guess again, according to a recent study conducted at Columbia University in New York that suggests sleep deprivation during adolescence could lead to obesity.

Why tickling the ear is good for your heart

Researchers at the University of Leeds say the ear could be the key to one's heart, for stimulating the nerves in the ear could distract nervous signals that are overexerting a heart in poor health.

Five ways to burn calories without exercising!

No we're not going to ask you to take the stairs instead of the elevator, or cycle to work instead of driving your car. It's going to be so much more easy than that. We are going to ask you to be practical and sleep well, stand right, get some sun and...

Taking public transit will keep you fitter: Study

A study finds that walking, cycling and yes, even taking public transportation to work are associated with lower body weight and lower body fat composition when compared against those who drive.

Deodorants can make armpits smell worse in long run

Deodorants and antiperspirants are being more widely used and advertised than ever before; but did you know that using antiperspirants causes actinobacteria - the microbes responsible for bad odour - to increase in our armpits?

Skin repair tips: Treat sunburn with cool bath, aloe

If you step out of your house without sunscreen and if your skin turns blazing red, its better to move inside. Also bathe with cold water and use aloe to treat sunburn. Here are some tips to repair skin.

'Two-legged' chair to keep you more 'active'

One enterprising French designer has come up with a furniture concept to discourage sedentary behavior - a two-legged chair, which requires the user to shift position in order to keep stable, encouraging use of different muscle groups.

Here's how to keep tummy troubles away while holidaying

A bout of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or tummy trouble is the last thing one would want on a holiday - so be smart in managing what you eat and how you eat to keep issues away.

6 natural tips for flawless skin

Apart from the herbal weapons like face packs that come handy to get rid of various skin troubles, re-think your diet to fight skin woes naturally. From ­making breakfast your ­priority and including various acne-fighting foods, to ­combating tan the natural way, here are ways you can reclaim healthy skin.

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