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Drink to that: Alcohol makes smiles more 'contagious', but only for men

Alcohol significantly increases the contagiousness of smiles, but only for all-male groups and not groups that have any women. These are the findings of a new research that explored the possibility of social drinking being more rewarding to men than to women.

Surprise! Anti-odour clothes may not be effective at all

Anti-odour clothing may not be living up to its promise, and it could all be a matter of how the product was tested. In two separate experiments, researchers found that some antimicrobial textiles were far more effective at performing their advertised tasks in the lab than in testing on humans.

Office hazards: Stress at work might just turn you asthmatic

A new study has indicated a link between asthma and work related stress. It was found that those who didn't feel their tenure was secure were more likely to have been diagnosed with depression and for every 25 % increase in the perceived threat of job loss, the risk of asthma rose by 24 %.

Move over the machines people, walk a mile to stay fit

Walking may never become as trendy as CrossFit, as sexy as mud runs or as ego-boosting as Ironman races but for fitness experts who stress on active lifestyle over weekends of warrior games, walking is a super star.

Dining out? Choose a well-lit table to avoid overeating

People order healthier foods if they sit by a window or in a well-lit area, while people at uncomfortable high-top tables favor salads and buy fewer desserts, since it's harder to slouch or spread out.

Now, a skin patch to monitor your heart’s health

 International researchers reported online last week in Nature Communications that they’ve created an ultrathin, five centimeter square flexible patch that when placed on the skin studies blood flow and  reveals any change in  the health of the heart.

Heart diseases are preventable: Just make smart choices

Heart disease kills in huge numbers. By now, you probably know what you need to do: lower cholesterol, cut stress, quit smoking and get active. But new research is being done every day, making it easier to make smart heart choices. And we’ve made it easier still – just follow the numbers!

Truth about natural sugar unveiled

Chocolates, ice creams and mithais. Be it Diwali or getting over a break-up, they have been our companion during celebrations and comforter in times of sorrow. Sure it's delicious, but does natural sugar love us back? Shikha Sharma finds out.

Yoga can train your brain to control computers better!

People who practice yoga and meditation can better use their brains to control a computer, a new study has found. The findings could have major implications for treatments of people who are paralysed or have neurodegenerative diseases.

Tobacco kills half its users: Tips on quitting smoking

France has announced plans to introduce plain packaging of cigarettes as part of tough anti-smoking laws. Tobacco use in India is higher than France (31%), with 34.6% adults here using some form of tobacco. India too has introduced graphic warnings on tobacco packages, but how effective are they?

Siblings conceived after 5 years at higher risk of autism

A new study has revealed that children who are conceived either less than 1 year or more than 5 years after the birth of their prior sibling are more likely to be diagnosed with autism than children conceived following an interval of 2-5 years.

Run baby run! Benefits of running beyond the physical

If you take to your local green space for a mass five kilometre run each week, you can expect to reap health benefits well beyond losing a few pounds and lowering your blood pressure.

Expecting mothers beware! Red wine could harm your child's pancreas

According to the research, the drink contains an ingredient called Resveratrol, a wonder drug which provides protection against obesity, but now it has been found that it may cause damage to the to the pancreas of the fetus.

No gender bias: Three in five women in India develop the risk of heart disease

More women die of heart disease than any other cause, including all cancers, but most women continue to think they're safe from heart disease till they cross 50 years. A new study has found that three in five women in India develop the risk of heart disease as early as 35 years.

Brain gain: Diet plan to avoid Alzheimer's

As September marks the World Alzheimer's month, let's find ways of alleviating the causes of the ailment. Bring about small changes in your diet and you can save your brain from this debilitating disease. We tell you how.
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