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Marathon effort: Celebrity runners share diet and workout tips for first-time runners

With a month to go for the Mumbai Marathon, we speak to celebrities who, over the years, have become familiar faces at the event. They talk about their own training regimes, and share diet and exercise tips for others to follow.

Chronic lack of sleep doubles obesity risk in kids

A new study has revealed that sleep-related breathing problems and chronic lack of sleep may each double the risk of a child becoming obese by age 15.

What active sitting can do for you, and what it can’t

As studies emerge classifying sitting for extended periods as bad to our health, wobbly stools and exercise balls are replacing office chairs, pedal sets are being installed under desks and everyone's talking about how to stay physically active while seated at their desk. But what can we expect from active sitting?

Are you eligible for wheelchair rehabilitation?

If you have any of these, you can participate in wheelchair rehabilitation.

Is your gym clean and safe enough?

In the scramble for customers, fitness chains are compromising on hygiene, maintenance and quality of trainers, posing risks of injury, infection. Sports-related injuries are common at gyms these days, so are fungi, bacteria and viruses thriving at most of the centres.

How to keep your mind razor sharp

There's no single cause for failing memory, just as there's no single outcome for it. It may improve with some effort, or it may worsen with time. What all neurologists agree on is that if you give as much thought to your brain as you do to your body, the brain will keep whirring longer.

Does your kid suffer from sugar hypersensitivity?

Scientists have discovered that brains of obese children have a different response to sugar. Elevated sense of food reward could mean some children have brain circuitries that predispose them to crave more sugar throughout life.

Forget about psychological issues, bed-sharing can lead to higher asthma risks in your child

Toddlers who share the bed with their parents might have an increased risk of asthma in the later stages of childhood, new research has found. The authors found that children who had bed-shared during infancy (at age two months) did not have a higher risk of wheezing during their first six years of life.

Piling on those pounds? It's not your fault alone!

A new study has revealed that a protein in the human body makes people gain weight. University of Rochester researchers said that a protein, Thy1, has a fundamental role in controlling whether a primitive cell decides to become a fat cell, making Thy1 a possible therapeutic target.

Fancy some tarantulas with wine? Yes, you heard us right! Insects are the new superfood

Restaurants around the world have seen an increase in insect-centred menus. From fine dining to supermarkets, hard-shelled and antennaed critters are everywhere. Now, there are insect-based burgers and chips for you to savour.

Guess what! Even inside homes, Delhiites are breathing dirty air

Even the high and mighty living in the posh areas of Delhi, including Lutyens' Zone, are not safe from the alarming levels of air pollution that plagues the national capital, advocacy group CSE said today as it called for stringent steps for making the air more breathable for Delhiites.

Keep your sniffles at bay with these natural DIY remedies

Come winter and flu's in the air! Someone you know might already be suffering from it; be it your colleague or that girl-next-door. Here's how you can go sniffle-free with these natural DIY cures.

Don't hassle your kids much if distracted, it does not hamper learning

A new study challenges the idea that distraction is necessarily a problem while learning. Researchers in the US have found that as long as our attention is as divided when we have to recall a motor skill as it was when we learned it, we will do just fine.

Here's why you should avoid high intake of fructose drinks

The brain responds differently to two forms of sugar, glucose and fructose. Fructose drinks result in greater ratings of hunger and motivation to eat compared with any glucose drink. However, a glass of fruit juice with a meal is healthy.

Thank your stars! There's fresh hope for tackling ageing

Offering fresh hope for tackling diseases and conditions associated with ageing, researchers have identified 'markers' that could spot old cells in the body. The new markers can be used to predict increased survival in certain types of cancer.

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