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5 exercises big on hype, but totally useless

Think if you exercise, it would definitely help you lose weight? Sadly, that's not always the case. Not all exercises are made equal, and some are literally useless when it comes to burning calories. We give you five such popular routines that do nothing for you. Read carefully.

Job loss, not recession, ups death risk

Study results suggest that job loss is associated with a 73% increase in the probability of death -- the equivalent of adding 10 years to a person's age. This increase in the risk of death may be related to stress and depression.

Healthier Than Thou

As co consumers pay closer attention to product labels to make sure what they buy is safe and healthy, companies are doing everything they can to appear better, safer and “natural”.

Under 30? Avoid alcohol misuse on birthday

Studies suggest that it is unwise to party hard on your birthday, especially if you are younger than 30 years old. Figures show that most youngsters indulge in alcohol misuse on their birthday, and end up in the hospital.

Caffeine may worsen hot flashes, night sweats

Post-menopausal? There could be a link between your caffeine intake and those hot flashes and night sweats you experience. One study also suggests there could be an association between caffeine intake and fewer problems with mood, memory and concentration in peri-menopausal.

IITians craft revolutionary portable kit to detect blood disorders

Harnessing the technology that powers new-age mobile phones, students from the Indian Institute of Technology are set to develop a portable and affordable for the detection of sickle cell anemia, a common inherited blood disorder in the tribal belts of India's central and southern parts.

Power food to beat monsoon blues

While some are celebrating the monsoon with hot chai and pakodas, others are battling the usual woes: commuting troubles, bout of seasonal diseases and infections. Include our list of powerful foods in your diet and give your disease-fighting system a boost.

Memory declines with age, reveals new study

A new study has revealed the molecular mechanisms of memory decline with age, using latest high-throughput proteomics and statistical methods.

Kids eat veggies if they don't know they are healthy

Trying to get kids to eat healthier? Don't tell them veggies are good for them. When children hear about the benefits of healthy food, they are less likely to eat it, a new study has found.

Dogs capable of feeling jealousy: US study

Dogs are a man's best friend, and research released on Wednesday says canines want to keep it that way. "Humans, after all, have been rich resource providers over our coevolution," researchers wrote in the study.

Paracetamol no better than placebo in low-back pain

The first-choice lower-back pain killer, worked no better than dummy drugs administered in a trial of more than 1,600 people suffering from the condition, researchers said on Thursday. It also had no effect on disability, function, sleep or quality of life.

Want to feel 10 years younger? Bring home a dog

On average, dog owners are 12% more active than their counterparts who did not own a dog. Those over the age of 65 act and feel 10 years younger than their biological age as having a dog can positively affect their mental health, a study said.

Asthmatic? Why you must stop worrying about smells

Are you an asthmatic and constantly worried about scents and fragrances in the surrounding air? This thought alone can actually harm you more than you can think of.

Indulge in healthy food, but mind the portion

Indulging in health food items to cut flab? Make sure you know how much to eat as it is possible overdose of right food can prevent you from losing weight. A list of food items that are easy to overeat and tips for portion control.

Delhi car deaths: Here's what you should know about carbon monoxide poisoning

It is suspected that the three men who died in a car in Delhi on Monday died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to the gas from the AC. We take a look at what Carbon Monoxide poisoning is all about and what you can do to prevent it.
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