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Want to turn bad fat to good? This could help

Strapping on an ice-pack to a flabby area for 30 minutes may be key to burning body fat, suggests a new study.

Ready for deadlier Ebola-like outbreak?

A virus (Marburg) more deadly than Ebola has killed a man in Uganda, confirmed the World Health Organisation on Friday, raising fears of a new outbreak even as the world struggles to contain Ebola, which has killed more than 4,000 people and infected at least twice as many.

Drink decaf coffee for a healthy liver

Researchers in the US found that higher coffee consumption, regardless of caffeine content, was linked to lower levels of abnormal liver enzymes, suggesting that chemical compounds in coffee other than caffeine help protect the liver.

Why to avoid fried food before conceiving

Women who eat fried food regularly before conceiving are at an increased risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy, says a new study. Gestational diabetes (GDM) is characterised by abnormally high blood glucose during the pregnancy.

Bad news! Lung cancer can stay hidden for over 20 years

Lung cancers can lie dormant for over 20 years before suddenly turning into an aggressive form of the disease, according to a study published Thursday in the US journal Science. Additional faults trigger rapid growth of the disease.

Attention internet junkies: Doctor Google is not the best

Are you getting dependent on internet with each passing hour? Trying to surpass the waiting time for appointments or laboratory tests is not advisable as diagnosis through google can be fatal. Read on to know more.

Get going: How to do the six-pack workout

For you to build a six pack, besides the diet, you need a good workout that focuses on growing muscle and reducing body fat. We bring you closer to that six pack abs. Read to know more.

Now, banish your weight woes with grapefruit juice

Naringin, a bioactive compound in grapefruit juice has been identified as a key agent in weight loss. It also lowers glucose to the same degree as metformin, a glucose-lowering drug often prescribed for those with Type 2 diabetes.

Bad sleep quality, not duration, triggers insomnia

Older adults may complain of waking up too early and not feeling rested despite accumulating substantial hours of sleep. Research says sleep problems among the elderly are more likely because of bad sleep quality and not their duration.

Eat right to keep premature wrinkles at bay

Wrinkles are usually formed when the skin loses its elasticity. And to some extent, it is also a result of aging. Wrinkles first appear around the eyes and lips as laugh lines. At least 500 mg of vitamin C should be consumed daily to benefit from its skin protecting properties.

Want to lose weight? Keep cellphone away when charging it

A new study has revealed that charging your phone in your bedroom could make you put on weight, as the artificial light from phone screens, street lights, laptops or television stops the body generating a hormone that combats obesity.

Can't live without coffee? Blame your genes

Two variants were identified near genes BDNF and SLC6A4 that potentially influence the rewarding effects of caffeine. The findings also suggested that people naturally modulate their coffee intake to experience the optimal effects exerted by caffeine.

Scientists find evidence of consciousness after death

Life after death? Awareness may continue even after the brain has shut down completely, according to the largest ever medical study into near-death and out-of-body experiences.

Six cardinal rules for those chiselled six-pack abs!

Six-pack abs is not about a crazy exercise schedule, or barely eating. It's also about following a simple plan that covers both the right diet and exercise- and sticking to it religiously. Here's how you can go about getting one.

Struggling with infertility? Woman with first womb transplant hopes to inspire

The parents of the first baby born to a woman who had a womb transplant say they hope they can be an inspiration to others. To mark the victory over their difficult journey to parenthood, they named him Vincent, meaning, to conquer.
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