Beauty oils: myths and facts

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  • Updated: Jan 09, 2014 12:50 IST
If you thought oiling your skin regularly would lead to breakouts or worse, make your T-zone shine bright like a diamond, then think again.

Oils are antioxidant powerhouses, packed with ­vitamins.

Also, unlike popular belief, natural oils have some cool advantages over using creamy lotions infused with chemicals.

Here is how you can make oiling work for your skin and combat winter beauty woes. 

Myth: Facial oils, or any product with oil, clog pores and cause breakouts.
Truth: The skin needs its ­natural oils for protection. If we strip the oil away, the skin will produce more oil to ­compensate and the imbalance will cause ­breakouts. Encouraging a healthy oil ­environment can ­repair damage and give your skin the much-needed moisture and ­hydration.

Myth: Direct application of oil will make your face shiny.
Truth: A good facial oil should be absorbed by your skin and should give you a dewy look. It should not leave the surface looking oily. Avoid mineral oils and look out for base oils such as jojoba, ­apricot or almond. Just use one or two drops for your entire face and neck.

Myth: Oils are not efficient anti-ageing products.
Truth: Facial oils are ­chemical-free. Since oils are not water-based like most creams and serums, they don’t need synthetic preservatives. They are packed with ­antioxidants vitamin C and E, which fight free ­radicals and help reverse sun ­damage, the main cause of age spots and wrinkles.

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