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Planning to conceive? Take folic acid supplements for a healthy baby

Folic acid supplementation is well known to reduce the risk of neural tube defects to a developing fetus, but a new study says hopeful moms-to-be should start the process even before they get pregnant to reduce the risk of low birth weight.

Heading towards an unhealthy future: 40% Indian kids don't have healthy BMI

School children in the country are lagging in health and fitness parameters with 40% of kids not having a healthy BMI and required endurance levels, says a countrywide study, warning that the current generation was heading towards an unhealthy future.

Revealed: Why learning becomes difficult with age

One reason why learning may become more difficult as people age is because the elderly learn more than they need to, contends a fascinating study. They have the mental flexibility needed to learn a visual perception task, but they are not as good as younger people at filtering out irrelevant information.

Can't keep your gambling habit in check? Maybe, you suffer from personality disorder

The treatment of people who cannot keep their gambling habits in check is often complicated because they also tend to suffer from personality disorders, says a new research. The same biological and social factors are at play in causing problem.

Enter the danger zone: 58% of young adults in India do not consider obesity as a disease

Young adults in Indian cities are blissfully unaware of the dangers of obesity. Only 28% of the total population know the scientific definition of obesity and the health hazards associated with it.

Get this: E-cigarettes are 10 times more dangerous than regular tobacco!

E-cigarettes contain up to 10 times the amount of cancer-causing agents as regular tobacco. Researchers in Japan found carcinogens such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in vapour produced by several types of e-cigarette liquid.

Does your kid's breath smell sweet? Well, it might be a sign of worry

A sweet smell on the breath of your kids could have bitter health consequences as researchers have found that it could signal the onset of Type 1 diabetes. Acetone in the breath is linked with a build-up of potentially harmful chemicals in the blood that accumulate when insulin levels are low.

Shunning exercise again? What's your reason for avoiding the road to fitness?

We all intend to exercise regularly. But when it comes to putting intention to practice, only about 10% are successful. Others happen to have numerous seemingly convincing excuses for not doing so. What's your reason for shunning it?

Use of anti-anxiety, sleeping pills can lead to serious drug abuse in teens

Doctors may inadvertently be creating a new generation of illegal, recreational drug users by prescribing anti-anxiety or sleep medications to teenagers. These adolescents are up to 12 times more likely to abuse those drugs than those who have never received a prescription

Does your child wheeze all the time? Be careful, it can be a sign of asthma

If your child continues to have recurrent symptoms of cough, cold and wheeze till the age of 12-14 years, it is a reason to worry. In many of the cases the asthma symptoms improve with age as the wind pipe of children grows till the age of five years.

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