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Set the right workout pace to yield maximum results

Fitness experts say pacing can spell the difference between success and stagnation. Setting the proper workout pace, or the distribution of energy during exercise, deflects boredom and fatigue, syncs body and mind and enables the everyday exerciser to keep going.

Young and restless? Ensure proper calcium intake

Girls who are fresh at college must add proper calcium intake to their daily regimen. Women optimise bone mass when they are about 18 years old so, it's an important time for them to be consuming calcium.

Listen to your heart: Have a glass of milk daily to reduce heart risks

New research has found that there is a link between increasing the number of glasses of milk a day and a lower incidence of hyper-tension and subsequently the heart attack risk. Read on to know more.

Daily habits that make food cravings worse

Are your servings big? Or you're pairing the food you crave with something unhealthy? There are some mistakes that can make cravings more intense and frequent. Here's a list of mistakes that make cravings even worse,

Secret to long, healthy life may lie in your waist!

The key to a long life is having a waist no bigger than half your height, a new study has claimed. Researchers said the rule applied regardless of a person's age, ethnicity or gender.

Growing bald in your 40s? It might be prostate cancer

A new research has revealed that men with moderate baldness affecting both the front and the crown of their head at the age of 45 have 40 % higher risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer later in life than their non-bald counterparts.

Want to own smart clothes that can tell how drunk you are?

At a hackathon in Seoul the smart clothes industry launched a demo of Metamorphosis, a prototype capable of reacting according to the quantity of alcohol imbibed by the wearer. As the wearer's blood alcohol level rises, the shirt's sleeves lift and inflate accordingly.

New magnetic cure to strip Ebola from blood unveiled!

Scientists have invented a device that uses a magnet to extract bacteria, fungi and toxins from blood, potentially throwing a lifeline to patients with sepsis and other infections. Read on to know more.

5 flat belly exercises that you can do at home

Besides being aesthetically unappealing, the problem with belly fat is that it can increase your health risks related to your heart health and diabetes. Here are a few exercises that can help you tone those abdominal muscles!

Be active: Walking, cycling to work improves mental health

The study shows that people who stopped driving and started walking or cycling to work benefited from improved wellbeing. In particular, active commuters were better able to concentrate and were less under strain.


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