What’s distance got to do with it, bhai?

  • Rhema Mukti Baxter, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 11, 2014 16:28 IST

The Doon Valley love!
Jonathan and Joanna Gideon

Joanna Gideon, 23 and Jonathan Gideon, 29, don’t need to tie threads to declare their love for each other. They get along just fine. Thank you! “We are the ultimate couple. It’s just that we are a brother and sister couple,” laughed Joanna, who works in an NGO in Delhi. From M&Ms to large sums of money, they are the kind of siblings who willingly share everything. Jonathan, a freelance photographer who stays in Dehradun, said, “I’m only a phone call away when it comes to Valley.” Yes, they have really cute nicknames—Jonathan is Doon and Joanna is Valley.

‘Suri, but I miss you!’
Rakshit and Ritika Suri

Rakshit (25) and Ritika Suri (20) could pass off as twins. But that’s where the similarity ends. Rakshit has light brown eyes while Ritika has green. He is short tempered while she is patient. “From graduation to MBA and now his work in Dubai, he has hardly ever been around during Rakhi for the past seven years. I’ve warned him that he’d better stay back in India after Diwali for Bhai Duj this year,” said Ritika, a B.Tech student at IP Uiniversity. We spoke to Rakshit about what special plans he has for the festival. “We plan to Skype chat this Rakhi. As always. And I’m sure she will cry when I tie the Rakhi on my wrist. As always!” joked Rakshit.

(From left): Jonathan and Joanna Gideon; Ritika and Rakshit Suri; Siddharth, Niharika and Suneha Kumar

Meet the Kumars!
Suneha, Niharika and Siddharth Kumar

This trio of future and past engineers have been brought up by IAS officer parents. Suneha, 26, and Niharika, 25, are both pursuing their MBAs abroad. And the youngest Siddharth, 19, is studying engineering in Delhi. “Sid has got to be the naughtiest guy I know! But he respects women. After all, he grew up among three of the world’s best,” said Suneha fondly. Spread all over the world, how do they celebrate Rakhi? “We had a pre-Rakhi celebration when we were all together during the summer holidays,” said an emotional Niharika. Before you go ‘Awww!,’ the sisters took his wallet away!

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