15% of 40-plus Lucknowites pre-diabetic

Around 10 to 15% of the city’s population above 40 years of age suffers from pre-diabetes levels of blood sugar, reveals a survey by the Lucknow Association of Practicing Pathologists and Microbiologists (LAPPM).

The study of over 1,200 samples in Lucknow found that the people’s diabetes status was undetected, as they never went for a check-up. The survey was conducted on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and the results were announced on Thursday.

“In all, 23 pathology centres across Lucknow -- from Kanpur road to Chinhat -- provided free blood sugar testing facility to the people coming there. The reports were given to the patients the same day,” said Dr PK Gupta, president, LAPPM.

People voluntarily gave their samples at the labs in order to get their diabetes status checked by experts. Doctors at these pathologies also advised people on diabetes prevention, especially those who had their sugar level on the upper side.

“Pre-diabetes status is said to persist when fasting blood sugar level is between 110-mg% and 126-mg% and PP blood sugar level is between 140 mg % and 180 mg%,” said Dr Archana Singh, spokesperson of the LAPPM.

Dr Gupta said India could become the world’s diabetes capital if mass prevention was not undertaken. The aim of this campaign is to detect diabetes in its natal stage so that further damage can be checked. This stage of diabetes can be controlled merely by exercise and diet modification.

However, if it is left unchecked for long, it may affect the kidney, retina, heart and nerves. In fact, diabetes decreases the overall performance of a person.

Doctors said those working under stress or for long and irregular hours should get their blood sugar levels checked at least once a year.


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