Demonstration against Israel after Eid prayer in Lucknow

  • Pawan Dixit, Hindustan Times, Lucknow
  • Updated: Jul 08, 2016 13:24 IST
A group of Muslims in the city raised slogans against Israel after the Eid prayer. (PTI/ Photo for representation)

A group of Muslims in the city raised slogans against Israel after the Eid prayer and demanded an end to all diplomatic relations with the Jewish nation.

The demonstrators, under the banner of Janhit Sangharsh Morcha, assembled outside the Eidgah on Thursday, carrying a banner that said ‘Unite for Ghaza Unite for Humanity’ and condemned Israeli attack on Palestine.

Hazi Mohammad Fahim Siddiqui, president of the organisation, demanded that the NDA government must terminate all diplomatic relations with Israel.

“Israel is killing Palestinian people. No country has bothered to intervene and end this slaughter of Muslims in the Gaza Strip (a small Palestinian territory),” said Siddiqui.

Lashing out at the Centre, Siddiqui said, “Union ministers of the NDA government are interacting with Israeli diplomats and visiting that country despite such blatant violation of human rights in the Gaza Strip.”

The union government must end all diplomatic relations with Israel, he added.

“Even during the holy month of Ramzan, Israel continued its attack on Palestine, killing hundreds of Muslims,” Siddiqui noted.

Onlookers at the demonstration joined in, and demanded the end of all diplomatic relations with Israel.

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