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Pure organic ghee based on ancient philosophy

lucknow Updated: Jul 18, 2010 10:48 IST
Pankaj Jaiswal
Pankaj Jaiswal
Hindustan Times
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A Lucknow-based multinational organic food company has come out with ‘stress-free’ organic cow ghee. Produced by following ancient Indian philosophy, it neither has a trace of buffalo milk nor hazardous oxytocin.

“It is organic to the extent that Ayurveda (ancient Indian system of medicine) is applied if any cow falls ill,” said Dr BN Singh, DGM, who manages the Vrindavan Farm of Organic India Pvt Ltd.

The company known for its organic Tulsi tea and organic herbal supplements, most of which go to the international market, has recently started selling the organic ghee at its outlets in India.

Organic India has 36 cows of which 20 produce milk. It makes about 150 to 200 kilogram of ghee every month. It sells the organic ghee in a 300-gram bottle priced at Rs 175.

Company’s Managing Director and Global CEO, Krishan Gupta, said: “Most of the product that passes off as desi ghee is not actually so. First of all most of it is either buffalo ghee or is a mixture of buffalo and cow ghee. Most of it is commercially produced using medicines and oxytocin hormone that are dangerous for both animals and human beings.”

On how the company’s desi ghee is ‘non-violent’ and as the label on the bottle says ‘stress-free, Gupta says: “Only after a calf has its fill, we milk a cow. After ghee making, milk is fed to calf and cow. We do not subject our cows to oxytocin or any yield increasing medicine.”

Apart from this, the Organic India cows have comfortable and spacious sheds besides large area to roam around and graze. They are not kept tethered.

Gupta says the desi ghee the company produces is a ‘Sattvik’ food in the real sense. Ayurveda categorises all food in three—Sattvik (pure), Rajasik (pleasing and stimulating) and Tamsik (base). Dr Singh said: “That an animal product cannot be organic unless even the fodder and feed it eats is organically produced. Our cows eat only organic fodder-feed.”

The ghee is so viscous that it looks like mustard oil in summers, and does not solidify as quickly as ordinary ghee.