Rajnath, Gadkari slam Rahul in Muzaffarnagar rally

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  • Updated: Nov 06, 2012 00:22 IST

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Nitin Gadkari, under attack for pursuing allegedly unethical practices in his business dealings and facing Congress fire for his controversial comparison of Swami Vivekananada with terrorist Dawood Ibrahim chose to hit back, targeting Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi.

He and his predecessor Rajnath Singh, who accompanied Gadkari at the well-attended Kisan Mahapanchayat in village Kutabi of Shahpur area of Muzaffarnagar, accused the Gandhi scion of parroting the same “old Congress policies” which have failed to remove poverty.

“Rahul Gandhi is talking of the same ‘Garibi Hatao’ policy that was pursued by former Prime Ministers -- his great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru, his grandmother Indira Gandhi and father Rajiv. However Garibi Hatao has remained a mere slogan to-date. Rahul is merely parroting the same slogan,” Gadkari said.

Rajnath then stepped up the heat on Rahul, who is tipped to take up a bigger responsibility within the Congress. The former BJP chief asked: “Rahul Gandhi is saying that since Congress had supported the BJP in the Kargil war, the BJP shouldn’t oppose congress on FDI. What is this? Did the Congress have an option then? When the youths of country were facing the Kargil war, who could they have supported -- Us or Musharraf?”

The leaders also launched a veiled attack on Congress chief Sonia Gandhi over her foreign origin. Speaking against the Congress government’s policy to open FDI-in-retail sector, they said: “Everything is foreign under the Congress regime – foreign leaders, foreign money. The Congress wants to ruin the country’s economy by getting FDI-in-retail under the influence of foreign powers. FDI would lead to more unemployment,” said Rajnath.

Both Rajnath and Gadkari made several promises to the farmers. Gadkari repeated his determination to provide 0% loan to the farmers if the BJP comes to the power in 2014 general elections.

Rajnath made the same commitment, saying that interest free loan already being extended by BJP state governments in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhatisgarh and Karnataka would also be made available to UP farmers.

Rajnath also spoke of opposing the Rangrajan Committee report in Parliament especially over the issue of cane prices. He claimed the Rangrajan report is in the favor of sugar mills owners, who have to pay the arrears of Rs. 450 crores to the farmers.

Gadkari also blamed the successive state governments in UP for ignoring the development of the state. He asked: “UP has better land and water situation than Maharashtra but farmers in UP still face problems.

Their condition is so pitiable that they have to mortgage everything from their topi to kurta to make two ends meet.

Why? Who is responsible for this? The two leaders also targeted the BSP and the SP governments in UP for not getting enough cold storages constructed in UP.


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