Three young LU philosophers make it to world forum

Chandan, Siddharth and Mahfuz will attend the World Congress of Philosophy in Athens between August 3 and 10.

For this Lucknow University trio Greek will no longer be strange, because they have been invited to attend the World Congress of Philosophy in Athens, the capital of Greece, early next month.

The three lucky ones – undergrads Chandan Hemvani, Siddharth Srivastava and Mahfuz Rahman – only read in philosophy textbooks about the ancient city till now.

But between August 3 and 10 they will be the land of Aristotle and Plato to present their paper at the congress.

Another thing to cheer about for the 18 to 20-year old trio is that they will be the first-ever from India to attend this meet.

The youngsters love their subject and want to pursue Ph D in it from Cambridge. Besides, they also see a bright career in it.

“I want to be a master of the subject. This discipline needs a good teacher and only then students will be attracted to it. I’m blessed that that the philosophy department of LU has some great teachers,” says Chandan.

According to Mahfuz, unlike other subjects, philosophy has no limit.

“And this aspect makes philosophy all the more interesting,” he said.

His friend Chandan added: “This subject should be introduced at intermediate level, too, so that it prepares students before they opt for it at the undergraduate level. The three are very excited for the trip. And why not, because it is for the first time that students from this 93-year-old university have got a chance to prove their merit on such a big platform. The boys are young but the title of their papers will leave seasoned philosophers wondering.Title of my paper is: How to balance your self-respect while giving due respect to others: A utilitarianism perspective,” says Siddharth.

Not surprisingly, the teachers of the trio are all praise for them.

“It was their own initiative to take part in this global meet. Thankfully, their papers got accepted. It is a proud moment for the university, particularly for the philosophy department,” says prof Rakesh Chandra.

Chandra’s colleague Prashant Shukla shares the same sentiments.

Meanwhile, five teachers and the youngsters have also been invited to the congress, which is held every five years.

This year it will be the 23rd edition.


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