Cops deployed at multi-level parking remain mute spectators to fleecing

Despite deployment of two cops at the multi-level parking on mini-secretariat premises, fleecing of residents continued unabated on Tuesday.

Cops deployed to check fleecing of visitors were found standing almost 100 metres away from the entrance of the multi-level parking at the mini-secretariat in Ludhiana on Wednesday; and (left) the parking slip has no mention of the parking fee for first six hours.

After several complaints of overcharging, deputy commissioner Rajat Agarwal had got the cops deployed in accord with the police commissioner to ensure that any wrong practices going on at the parking lot were reined in.

To check the ground reality, when this correspondent visited the multi-level parking in her car, she was charged ? 30 for 10 minutes, while traffic wing cops deployed to monitor fleecing were standing almost 100 metres away from the parking entrance. When approached, the cops said they had been asked to take down complaints of visitors and forward them to the deputy commissioner or the police station concerned.

Sadhu Ram, a senior citizen, said, “I had gone to the district court and parked my car at the multi-level parking. To my shock, despite deployment of cops, I was charged ? 40 against the approved rate of ? 23. When I tried to object, one of the goons threatened me of damage to my car. Fearing bigger loss, I returned under protest.”

Interestingly, the parking at mini-secretariat is being managed by the same contractor - Bhola and Co- who is also managing the parking lots at Ferozepur Road, where complaints of fleecing are an everyday affair.

A senior employee at minisecretariat, requesting anonymity, said, “The parking mafia is so strong that in three auctions, none of the contractors came forward, as a result the price was reduced in which the present contractor applied and got the contract. It is difficult for the administration to run the parking lot on its own as the government is already cash strapped and will not shell out money for its maintenance.”


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