Only, an SEZ can revive city’s sports industry, say experts

The industry experts in the region are of view that the inclusion of sports manufacturing industry within the ambit of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) would help it in flourishing.

According to them, the sports industry in the region is already on the brink of drowning and the move can help the industry revive. It will discourage the unnecessary intervention of several departments which will further boost the manufacturing of sports products in the region.

They believe that the only solution to save the dying sports industry in the region is to establish a SEZ that could house all major manufacturing units of different goods of sports so that an impetus could be provided to revive it. Raghunath Rana, chairman, Sports Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association, said: “Sports industry is gradually dying in the region. In order to revive the industry; we need to encourage manufacturing of sports products as much as possible.” Rana said: “If government come up with a plan to establish a special economic zone in the region that will discourage the unnecessary interference of number of departments on one hand and on the other, it will encourage manufacturing of sports goods and consequently, strengthen the exporting potential of the region for the same. The introduction of a focal point for the local business will further streamline the process.”

Guljar Khinder, owner of a Jalandhar-based sports goods manufacturing unit, said: “The bringing in of SEZ in the region will certainly be a boon for the sports industry. The exemption from all sorts of taxes such as sales tax, excise duty, octroi and VAT will draw new manufacturers to invest while existing manufacturers will increase the production of sports goods”.

“Instead of importing sports equipment from other countries, government must bring in an SEZ to boost sports manufacturing industry in the region,” Khinder added.


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