Delhi government plays party pooper

The news that chilling over a pint of chilled beer in Delhi may soon burn a hole in the pocket hasn’t gone down well with booze lovers.

Young people are reacting strongly to the Delhi government’s new excise policy, which states that the price of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) will go up by 5%.

“Price of petrol is already high, and now, liquor may get expensive too. So young people will either be able to spend money on petrol or on booze. How will one take his girlfriend out for a long drive and later spend more money on a booze party with friends?” says Nimish Bhasin, 28, process trainer with an MNC.

“If this policy gets implemented, the only option for us would be to go for cheaper brands,” says Abhishek Nawal, 25, a businessman.

However, many insist that the a hike in liquor price will hold no bearing on them and that they will continue to host booze parties. “The hike may affect the college-going janta, but for most people will still buy alcohol .... iss shauk ki keemat nahi hoti,” says Ankur Chaudhary, 25, a PR executive.

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