Here’s how to party!

Ever thought that your over-enthusiastic hugs and kisses given to guests at a party might offend them or your dress might be inappropriate for the gathering? We tell you what is generally accepted behaviour at a party.

Dress Code
Dress according to the occasion or the dress code given. “Whether you are attending a formal party or a friend’s bash, you need to dress up accordingly. A subtle dress code has to be followed and you need to be comfortable in what you wear,” says model and grooming consultant Noyonika Chatterjee. Casual dressing and over-exposing is a big no. Clothes have to be worn according to the season,” she adds.

Not everybody is your muah buddy
While it’s often considered cool and friendly to hug and kiss friends, but not everybody is comfortable with this behaviour. “Greeting someone is like transferring of energy, so if a person bluntly goes and kisses someone, it may send a negative energy if the person doesn’t like it. It’s always better to greet people with a hand shake or a hug,” says emcee and actor Shivani Wazir Pasrich.

Conversations Matter
“I find loud people quite irritating. They laugh and speak loudly, and it isn’t very pleasant. They need to tone down a bit while talking,” says Noyonika. Attention-seeking and bragging is never appreciated. “What is irritating is that people only talk about themselves. This can get over the top,” says Shivani.

Don’t drink till you drop
Not going overboard with alcohol should be the thumb rule for every party. “It is always good to see people holding a glass of juice or just wine,” says Shivani. 

Dos and Don'ts at a bash
Be punctual, but avoid being before time at the party
Do not bring along any uninvited guests.
Be friendly and cheerful even if you have a bad mood. Nobody cares if you have had a bad day, and you have no business spoiling their fun by sulking the entire evening.
Talk to everyone. Meet new people and try to socialise. However, do not try hard to strike conversations with people who don’t seem interested.
If you are not sure what to wear at the party, then it is always good to ask the host if there is a dress code for the bash.
Do not hog down your food. Do not overfill your plate as if it is your last meal
Know how to gracefully end conversations, otherwise you might come across as a rude person.
Make sure you are not suffering from bad body odour, or else you will be driving away the guests.
Stay away from controversial topics while making conversations with strangers.
Thank the hosts properly before you leave the party. Also, complement the hosts for making the efforts, and appreciate the arrangements made by them. Do not gossip with other guests about the lack of arrangements if you did not like the party.
It’s always good to get gifts for the hosts unless it has been mentioned that “Do not bring gifts”.
PDA (Public Display of Affection) is not considered proper unless it is a bash thrown by your closest of friends. 
It’s always a good idea to hold on to your drink. Free booze at the party doesn’t mean that you should drink till you are sloshed.


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