How to take care of woollens

The winter is in full swing and its already chilling the bones of Delhiites and making them shiver. We are here to give you some tips on how to take care of the woollens this season.

1 Before you pack: It is important to wash or dry clean your woollen garments before packing.  Soiled woollens can be the best breeding ground for moths. Also, it’s best to sun-dry them before stacking them away for the next season.

2 While you wash: Always read instructions before washing. Use mild detergents and luke warm water. Do not dry woollens in the dryer. Roll them in a towel for 5 minutes and squeeze out the excess water. Then dry them in shade so that they don’t loose colour or shape.

3 Winter gear: Items like gloves, hats and scarves should be hand-washed once a month. Brush the coats and jackets gently before wearing them to avoid any bacteria breeding on them.

4 How to store: Do not hang heavy sweaters. Instead, fold and store them. Fold knits and keep freely in drawers. Do not tight pack them as this will cause wrinkles.Place scented mothballs (in a muslin pouch) or dry neem leaves in your closet to keep silverfish away.

5 Maintain your garments: If there is a damage, repair it immediately. Continuous wearing of woollen can lead to deformation of shape. Wear them in intervals to maintain a good shape of your woollen garments.

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