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  • Snigdha Ahuja, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Apr 20, 2013 02:06 IST

The passion for music turns into a profession for many. And, while there are technically fit studios and spaces to jam in the city, many opt for home-grown jam pads.

Get the basics right
Guitarist and architect Arsh Sharma, who has done the interiors for SoundSpeaks, a studio and jam pad in CP, says that convenience is a deal clincher.“When you don’t own the place, the place owns you, so having a jam room at home is viable. It has to be acoustically treated, so echo is eliminated.

The best place in a house to have it is in the basement,” he says. Drummer Arjun Sharma says wood is dream-material: “It’s expensive but absorbs noise. Add a sofa or curtains, as they stop sound from reflecting back.” Palash Bedi, co-owner, Overdrive Records, Lajpat Nagar says, “Sound-proofing is vital, but make sure the room still feels alive,” he adds. 

Doing it up
One way of adding life is through decor. Steal vintage Vinyl records from your parent’s music stash to cover walls. Opt for posters or stick-on wall decals. “Decals of music artists are popular. A few days ago, a client ordered a Zakir Hussain decal,” says Dipti Pathak from Deewarist Decals. You can also get custom-made decals of lyrics splashed across your walls. So if you have got Morrison stuck in your head, you know where to put the works.

Keeping it economical
Building an acoustically fit room is a challenge for those working on a budget. But, there are some smart moves that you can make to give your jam space credibility. Egg trays, yes, your nearby grocery store’s staple, can be your best friend. Lining them up against your walls make the acoustics better and also help in moderate sound proofing. You can also opt for glasswool which is readily available and is inexpensive. You can also drill holes in a soft/pin-up board, or use foam, thermocol, or a combination of these to make acoustics better.

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