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Charak Almast, 20,  online game creator
Home is in:  Delhi
College: I attended: university of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
I earn my living by: Entertaining people by making games that anyone can play
I appreciate most about my friends: their helpful nature
If I could name myself, it would be: Charak Almast
The cause I care for: Taking care of animals, especially dogs
My present state of mind: What’s the next question?
My motto: Live life king size
Facebook Friends at present: 1525
Can’t do without this: My iPhone 5
My biggest indulgence: Gadgets
I love to shop at: Express and Banana Republic
A book I’m reading right now: I don’t read books! I only play games
My heroes in real life: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill gates
I can’t stand:  illogical questions or conversations.
A cuisine I can’t tolerate: Nepalese

About his game.. Charak is a young entrepreneur whose childhood passion for gaming has given rise to a great developer. His game, Angry Baby, is a free game that features 20 levels, with regular free updates in the pipeline. The game has launched on iOS and other operating systems.

The game depicts the story of a toddler, Tobu, and his quest to the outer space to bring back his toys that the aliens had stolen from him.


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