Prive replacement opens tonight

In April, Prive shut down after almost six years of drawing in party-goers. Now, it’s set to reopen with spanking new interiors, a slightly altered concept and a brand new name — Ghost.

“Prive was making money, but every club has a shelf life. It was time to step up the innovations,” says Vikrant Chougule, who owns the place with Ankit Rawat.

nightclubWhile food, drink and the music — predominantly house — remain the same, the decor follows a gold theme. The owner claims that their whisky, vodka and champagne list will be among the best in the city. There’s also a five litre champagne bottle, which will be sent to you in a palki (palanquin). “You’ve to be really passionate to order it, but if you do, we’ll make a huge song and dance about it,” says Chougale, with a laugh.

“Also, we noticed that people have started partying in larger groups now. They go out, meet a set of friends at a club, and then find yet another set. So we’ve introduced VIP areas with three tables each,” says Chougule. “There are six such areas, with a private bar, staff and dance floor for each, which overlooks the main dance area.” For those who book one table, the club claims it will ensure that there are only like-minded people at the other two.

Ghost also has a membership system, without which it’s difficult to get into the club, especially on weekends. “We have 100 members so far. Another 150 have applied. With them and their guests at the club, which has a capacity of 250, I don’t think we can make place for non-members, so it’ll be difficult for them to get in, apart from maybe weekdays,” says Chougule.

And where did the club’s name come from? “It’s my favourite car,” laughs the owner. “It has nothing to do with the theme or decor of the place. I just wanted something that sounded cool and made people think.”

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